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Nov 24, 2012
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I went through the manual and could not find where the fuse box is located. I want to wire in a camera system on a switched circuit. Anyone know where the fuse box is located?
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Looks like it's located under the dashboard?

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left side of the steering wheel, under the dash. There may be a spare 10 Amp circuit in there


  • CH 7 - Electrical System (엔진배선 통합) - XR4100 Service Manual-ENG-rev. 01-17.05.04 (완성) .pdf
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Since you have a cab tractor, there is also a fuse bank on the left pillar of the cab. FYI.
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Yes, what Avenger said!

That is where mine was located. I too wired in a camera, which was the best modification I have ever made to my tractor. It's super helpful, particularly when using forks or a grapple
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Would love to see some pictures showing where and how you mounted your camera.
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Would love to see some pictures showing where and how you mounted your camera.
I followed the post of someone else discussing how they did it. About 4-5 years ago there was a very detailed post by a user about mounting two cameras on an LS XR41XXHC tractor.

I followed it exactly.

The front camera is "loose" with two rare earth magnets so I can move it around and mount it wherever I want and move it from one implement to another (see picture). In the picture, I have it mounted up above the grapple just so you can see it in the picture.

The wiring is placed inside loom and runs up the loader arms along the hydraulic lines. It then runs under the tractor (zip-tied) and runs into the cab through one of the through-hole ports through which other wires run.

The line to the monitor runs up under the dash and comes out the top, with the monitor secured to the window with double-sided tape. You can see the view provided by the front camera with it mounted in it's normal position (see picture).

The power runs along other lines that are under the floor mat (see picture). It runs up the left pillar to the fuse box where it is jumpered to an existing fuse for power (see picture). This way it turns on when the key is turned on.

The wiring for the rear-facing camera then runs up inside the pillar from the fuse box and across the roof (under the panel), before exiting the rear at the roof (see picture).

I honestly don't use the rear camera much, although it could be nice for hooking up implements if you don't have extendable links. Because the LS has those, and I keep all of my implements on dollies it is easy to just manually push them into place to connect.

The problem with the rear camera is it is so high it looks down on the implement so it's hard to see "down the road" when snowblowing (see picture). Had I mounted it lower (below the window) to see down the road then I would be able to see the implement. The best solution that I've seen in use here is to use a suction cup to place the rear camera on the window, but on the inside so it doesn't interfere with the wiper. But, then you have loose wires hanging around.

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Thanks for all the help guys!!!

But really...shouldn't all this stuff be in the owner's manual?

Anyway, got it wired up yesterday and it works great. The camera is on a steel base and I use magnets to move it around so I can see the forks, grapple, and help with mounting SSQA stuff. Should help in using the tree puller as well.

BTW, used the fuse box under the dash as it was closer to the front.

Thanks again for the help.