Yanmar YM177

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With the taped on black plastic trash bag over the engine, my guess is the head blew. So, this would be more of a parts tractor. To bad that he is asking so much for the dead machine. With it being green, the parts would make a Yanmar look more freaky. haha
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Definitely not a YM1700. I see a lot of differences between that and my 1700 in addition of the exhaust.
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I wonder if that is what this one in Reno is.

Yanmar Tractor Diesel with Box Blade

Claimed to be a YM195 [YM1700] but it clearly isn't - the exhaust is on the wrong side.

He's asking way too much at $3K for that little machine. A totally refurbished from the ground up by Fredricks or TractorCo in WA state would be a better deal for the same price. There are at least 3 other Yanmars of larger size and more Hp around the same price out on the CL in Reno.