Your property's average slope

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less than 1 % oddly. we can see a 14k ft peak though!

that site does not have our plats.
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2% throughout my sprawling 6 acres!

Mind you, (State) Tasmania - ('County') Break O'Day - (Town) St Helens and (Address) Wagtail Park isn't recognised by the above programme.
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My lot slopes...I estimate...approximately 6 feet in about 200 feet.
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Interesting... Slope 13.1%
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16.5% - a bit steep. Odd thing to find on a website...
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It's kinda neat. It shows ours as 6.8% average. I can believe that, given it's an average.

However, we got into a government reimbursement program back in 1990 to plant trees based on our highly erodible soil. They based the reimbursement level on the severity of the slopes. We got reimbursed 65% of the cost of the trees, planting and spraying as it was Tyner soil with over 40% slope on 10 of the 20 acres.

So I'm not sure how that program comes up with the average, since half our land is over 40% slope and it came out with 6.8% average. If half is over 40%, I'd think the best the average could get to would be 20%.

We've got about 1/4 mile long ridge running down the middle of the property with a steep 65' drop in elevation on one side of the ridge and a long, slow drop in elevation of about 45' in the other direction.

So if you were looking for property based on average slope of 6.8% for farming, you'd be highly disappointed on our piece of land, as it's much too steep to farm 10 of the 20 acres. That's one of the reasons it was sold off.

Official Series Description - TYNER Series
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50 to 75 ft,, of grade change over 5 acres .:confused2: makes for a great shooting range though.:D:drink:
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24% in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Seems steeper than that when I'm on foot....