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Zetor Expands M Series Ag Tractors with New Models

Zetor Expands M Series Ag Tractors with New Models

Zetor North America recently announced the expansion of their popular ‘M’ Series tractor division to include Utility Agriculture tractor models in 72.8HP and 80HP with enclosed All Weather Climate Control Cabs. The New M70PSC Premium Utility CAB model comes with a 24/24 Full Synchronized Power Shuttle transmission including 5-creeper speeds plus Independent 540/540E and 1000 […]

Zetor Introduces 3 New large frame 4-cylinder Compact Utility tractors in 47.6HP and 56HP

Zetor Introduces 3 New large frame 4-cylinder Compact Utility tractors in 47.6HP and 56HP

Zetor North America recently announced the introduction of three new large-frame compact utility tractors, all featuring 4-cylinder diesel engines and range from 47.6 to 56 horsepower. The new M50SS and M60SS models come factory equipped with ISO full flat operating platform with Folding ROPS, CAT 1, 3-point hitch with telescopic stabilizers, flexible links ends and […]

Zetor Introduces New Subcompact and Compact Tractors for 2020

Zetor Introduces New Subcompact and Compact Tractors for 2020

Zetor North America has just introduced a number of new models that considerably expand their product offering in the popular ‘M’ Series. These exciting new models are due at North American dealers in Spring 2020. Here’s a rundown of all the new models: New Zetor Subcompact Tractors Zetor North America is introducing the new 22HP […]

Premium comfort with ZETOR MAJOR HS Series tractors

ZETOR North America has launched the MAJOR HS Series tractors to the general public. The new tractors meet the requirements of the most demanding customer, bringing modern Power Shuttle  transmission technology, hydraulic independent PTO and Premium Cab layout to the customer while providing  maximum operator comfort.  Zetor North America showcased 2 of there three new […]

Zetor Tractors Extends Range of 40-70 Horsepower Tractors

Zetor Tractors Extends Range of 40-70 Horsepower Tractors

Late last year, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., the European manufacturer of agriculture tractors, presented three new tractor models. Thus, the portfolio of ZETOR tractors was extended from 46 to 76 hp. They are utility tractors with outstanding maneuverability and wide use in agriculture, rural livestock, and road maintenance; they are also ideal for hobby farms, horticulture, […]

ZETOR Tractors Showed Off Their Best in America

ZETOR Tractors Showed Off Their Best in America

Kentucky, USA, 24. 7. 2018 – the “Czech Farm Day 2018” was organized in Kentucky, USA. ZETOR tractors, showcasing real agricultural works, were featured. Besides, visitors could try out tractors included in the model families MAJOR and FORTERRA. The event was held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Czech Republic.   Demonstration farming show […]

Zetor Forterra Celebrates 20 Years

20 years of ZETOR FORTERRA – that is 21,500 stories of satisfied customers in 55 countries of the world This year, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. can be happy about another success – FORTERRA, the tough guy by ZETOR, celebrates its 20th birthday. Since 1998, the total of 21,500 tractors of this model range have been sold […]

The New Zetor FORTERRA HSX. Greater Comfort. Lower Costs.

The new ZETOR FORTERRA HSX introduces an ECO transmission designed to optimize engine power and fuel economy and the new five-speed gearbox. The spacious FORTERRA HSX cab also introduces new TMR-compliant panoramic rear-view mirrors, new in-cab controls and a new dashboard design with a color LCD data terminal. OPTIONAL equipment includes independent suspended front-axle for […]

Zetor Marks Two Years Since Major Design

Exactly two years ago, in collaboration with the Italian studio Pininifarina, ZETOR introduced its vision of a new tractor design to the entire agricultural world. The design concept perfectly combined elegance, passion and emotion with the performance, functionality and endurance of a farm tractor. Two years have passed since we had a glimpse of the future, and […]

Zetor Forterra CL, HSX, HD Overview

Zetor Forterra CL, HSX, HD Overview

The 96-147 horsepower Zetor Forterra CL, HSX, and HD machines offer a variety of features and options ideal for agricultural applications. Zetor Foreterra Highlights The Forterra range tractors are excellent in their robustness and performance. You can find three variants in the Forterra range: The basic Forterra CL is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with […]

Zetor Major HT 45/55hp Machines Arrive

From Zetor, NA—The new Zetor Major HT 45/55hp tractors are powered by 4 cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine Tier 4 Final emission standard. Double acting hydrostatic power steering system gives a smooth, effortless turning radius. Solid front axle provides excellent handling in any type of ground work. Hydrostatic transmission with a 3 speed control provides comfortable […]

Zetor Major HS 65 Specs Announced

Zetor recently release more information on the Major HS 65. Visit http://www.zetorna.com/zetor-major-hs-65 for more information and specs. ENGINE Zetor Major HS 65 is able to fully use its power thanks to the best possible combination of the engine performance and weight. The engine is excellent for its low fuel consumption, high reliability and simple construction. Power 67 […]

New Generation of Zetor System Front Loaders is Coming

Kámen, September 13, 2017 – ZETOR introduces new generation of ZETOR SYSTEM front loaders. The innovated range of ZQ provides farmers with extended durability, better view from the cabin, greater lifting height, increased rigidity, easier mounting to the tractor and wider options of accessories such as lights or smart display showing the weight of load […]

Zetor Developing New Utility Tractor

ZETOR, a European manufacturer of tractors and farming components, announces that it is developing a new utility tractor model with power range of 45-80 horsepower. The company recently introduced its design concept, ZETOR by Pininfarina, which is being applied to production with the first tractors to be introduced later this year. The company celebrated its […]

Zetor Offers Free ZL 31 Loader With New Tractor Purchase

Jacksonville, FL (AgPR) June 5, 2017 – Zetor North America, ZetorNA.com, in cooperation with their dealers now offers a free ZL 31 loader with purchase of any new MAJOR series tractor. The offer expires September 30, 2017. Zetor North America Director of Sales and Operations Michael Boucher says, “Producers know the everyday value of a […]

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. extends sales network

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Company has extended its sales network by a new partner on the Croatian market who is going to become the distributor of the tractors: POD proizvodnja opruga d.o.o. Company. For ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., strengthening positions in European markets is one of its key activities. Moreover, agriculture plays an important role in Croatia […]

New MAJOR HS 80 from ZETOR

Zetor Tractors introduced a brand new model MAJOR HS 80. The new tractor extends the MAJOR range meeting the requests of the most demanding customers who are seeking more comfort and low operation costs in this category of tractors. Launch of the new MAJOR HS extended the total product offer of the ZETOR brand to 4 model ranges and […]

ZETOR Seeks Guinness World Record

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the ZETOR brand in Lithuania was in a non-traditional spirit. The ZETOR CRYSTAL tractor created a picture on a field with an area of 20.7 hectares in the shape of the Lithuanian Coat-of-Arms and thus made an effort at getting an entry into the Guinness Book of Records. […]

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