LS Mtron Tops NAEDA Satisfaction Survey

LS MtronLS Mtron (CEO Lee Gwang-won), an industrial machine and state-of-the-art parts maker of the LG Group, announced on July 4 that it was ranked No. 1 in the tractor category in the dealer satisfaction survey conducted by NAEDA (North American Equipment Dealers Association), which was founded in 1900, boasting of the world’s longest history and the highest authority in the world, and won the ‘2016 EDA Dealer’s Choice Award, 1st place).’ As LS Mtron was also ranked in 2015, it was named the world’s best tractor maker for 2 consecutive years.

LS Mtron scored 6.37 points in overall satisfaction (average score of all companies was 5.53 points), beating Kubota, Japan’s largest agricultural equipment maker, which scored 5.83 points. LS Mtron’s scores were quite overwhelming as they beat all of the world’s largest agricultural machinery makers classified as “comprehensive makers”, such as John Deere (5.37 points), Case IH (4.48 points) and AGCO (4.62 points), by a wide margin. In particular, LS Mtron was ranked No. 1 in 11 out of 12 items in tractor maker evaluation. Its world-best technology was recognized as it was the only company to score more than 6 points (satisfied), i.e. 6.17 points ~ 6.41 points, in all 5 quality-related items (product quality, parts quality, technical support, product lineup and parts availability).

No fewer than 9,180 dealers from across North America participated in this survey last February. The questionnaire consisted of 12 items, including overall satisfaction, product lineup, product quality, parts availability, parts quality, technical support and marketing support. Each item was rated on a Likert scale ranging from 1 (extremely dissatisfied) to 7 (extremely satisfied).

“I think we received good ratings because we worked hard to enhance customer value based on made-in-Korea products that have the highest level of quality in the world,” said Derek Johannes, head of the US Tractor subsidiary of LS Mtron. “We will become one of the top 5 makers in North America by 2020 by supplying high-quality products with best-performing tier-4 engines, reinforcing our dealership networks, and realizing customer satisfaction.”

The tractor business, which was worth KRW160 billion in 2008 when LS Mtron was founded, saw its revenues reach the KRW523 billion mark last year. It is a fast-growing business. In particular, its overseas revenues, which amounted to KRW43 billion in 2008, sharply increased nine times to KRW385 billion last year.

“Our No. 1 ranking in various areas as well as in quality in North America, the center of the state-of-the-art agricultural machine market, proves that LS Mtron tractors have world-best quality and technology, and LS Mtron is No. 1 in the world in terms of enhancing customer value,” said Lee Gwang-won, CEO of LS Mtron. “We will capitalize on this to reinforce our advance into global markets, and achieve KRW2 trillion in revenues from the tractor business by 2020.”

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