McCormick’s New X60 Series Utility Tractors

McCormick’s new X60 Series launches an innovative technological approach to the 80 to 120 HP tractor market. This new X60 series is McCormick’s technological evolution of the CX range, a qualitative leap towards even more reliable and performance-oriented machines. Thanks to the innovations adopted, X60 Series tractors are able to provide a performance that meets the professional users’ requirements, with the added attraction of a new level of comfort and an ultra-modern, aggressive look.

In actual fact, the new series is an original mixture of innovations that make driving relaxing, with easy to operate engines, unbeatable transmissions and total control of the implements.

With the X60.20, X60.30, X60.40 and X60.50 models, the new X60 range is the optimum choice for both light work and heavier duty open-field jobs. A higher ground clearance makes the tractors even more versatile, since they are ideal for a much wider variety of uses.

Compared to the CX series, the new X60 Series comprises a further two engine ratings and thereby includes even higher powered tractors. The main feature of the new X60.50 model is its electronically controlled Perkins 4-cylinder Turbo Aftercooler Common Rail engine, which provides a particularly high performance. This new engine delivers 112 HP lugging power but can also supply 121 HP at the PTO and during transport work, reducing the engine rate at 40 kph and consequently cutting down on fuel consumption.

The more important characteristics include the Power Shuttle transmission, featuring a basic 12-speed gearbox in conjunction with a hydraulic H-M-L that triplicates the ratios of the basic gearbox on load, and the hydraulic reverse shuttle for a total 36 FWD + 12 REV speeds. These speeds can reach as many as 48 FWD + 16 REV with the addition of the Creeper (optional). The electrohydraulically controlled PTO is available on request with 2 speeds (540/750 or 540/1000) or again, as an alternative, with 3 speeds (540/750/1000) for an even higher level of versatility. Modulated PTO engagement is regulated automatically by a sensor that detects the inertia produced by the implement.

The electronically controlled hydraulic reverse shuttle is another innovation and allows the operator to modulate the action of the unit to suit the implement used. X60 series tractors can be equipped with up to 5 control valves, while the lifting capacity of the rear power lift is now up to 5,000 kg. Lastly, the braking capacity of the X60 range has been increased by installing booster brake pumps that achieve decelerations well below the values required by the European standards.

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