Optimized Customization for New Holland UTVs

Rustler 125

New Holland, PA – New Holland’s RustlerTM utility vehicle owners can now customize their Rustler with a wide variety of accessories and paint options delivered directly from the factory. New appearance options include StallionTM, Camo and Special Color paint order.

The Stallion is poised to take its place as the premier version of the Rustler utility vehicle. All Stallions feature the special Black Stallion paint color, sporty decals and canopy, a chrome tube bumper, speedometer, and front and rear receivers. The Stallion 120/125 models also include a chrome tool box. The choice of alloy or black rims, Mud or All-Terrain tires, and bench or bucket seats complete the Stallion package.

Designed for the hunting enthusiast, the Camo pattern option is available on all New Holland Rustler models and can be configured with a cab as well as with many other options. The Camo models feature a Realtree® Max 4 camo pattern and black seats, dash, cargo box and rims. New accessory options commonly ordered with the Camo units include gun boots, spark arrester, and guarding (CVT boot guards, rear differential rock guards, skid plates).

Special paint colors allow small businesses, teams and other organizations to use a Rustler to promote their “brand”. With the Special Color paint options, Rustler owners can customize their vehicle with a special paint color — right from the factory– instead of spending the extra time and money on an aftermarket custom paint job. Special Color units can be ordered in an entire spectrum of colors by supplying the PPG color code, which may be obtained through New Holland dealers.

Rustler UVs can be further customized through the addition of other new accessory options, such as accessory plugs, bed liners, brush and rock guards, cab accessories, gun boots, hitch features, U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arresters, attachments, and many wheel and tire options.  A list of accessories is available through New Holland dealers.

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