Versatile Introduces Low-Speed DeltaTrack

Versatile DeltaTrackWinnipeg, MB – March 12, 2015 – Versatile has developed a new DeltaTrack for low-speed, high-torque requirements. Called the DeltaTrack Creeper, the tractor is the first of its kind to be factory-approved for use in low speed applications such as tile plowing.

The DeltaTrack Creeper is based on the DeltaTrack Scraper Special but will run in-field at a lower rate of speed, 0.95 mph (1.52 km/h) at 1800 RPM. This is ideal for applications where controlled speed is required such as irrigation line installation. Hydraulic flow, peak torque and full horsepower are still available when necessary.

New Camoplast 6500 Series tracks are standard on the new DeltaTrack Creeper in 30” or 36” widths. Designed with an extra fabric layer connecting the drive lugs, the tall narrow tread bars provide aggressive traction in loose, slippery soil. This new technology means extended track life, increased performance and a reduction in operating costs.

Three models are available from 450 to 550 horsepower. The DeltaTrack Creeper (450DTC, 500DTC & 550DTC) feature the proven Cummins QSX15 engine paired to an industry-proven 16-speed powershift transmission. The machine includes a 2-year factory warranty.

“Customers of the Versatile DeltaTrack have been asking for a machine for low-speed applications such as tile plowing,” explains Adam Reid, Director of Marketing. “They like the set-up of the current machine with the engine-transmission-drivetrain-track set-up but were concerned about component stress at lower speeds. The new DeltaTrack Creeper allows customers to keep the engine in peak torque range while still working at reduced speeds.”

Reid continues, “The top-end road speed is reduced but customers were willing to accept that trade-off for optimum performance in the field.” A limited number of Versatile DeltaTrack Creeper tractors will be available for spring 2015 with prices starting at $475,368.

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