Yanmar Rolls Out Lx HST Series CUTs

ADAIRSVILLE, Ga. (March 7, 2012) – Yanmar America, a major supplier of compact utility tractors, compact construction equipment and diesel engines, today announced the rollout of its new Lx HST Series, featuring a state-of-the-art hydrostatic (HST) transmission.

The new HST transmission gives users a car-like feel while maintaining the power and efficiency that are required and customers depend on for performing heavy-duty functions. And, the Lx HST Series tractors come equipped with powerful, quiet, low-emission 41, 45 and 49 horsepower Yanmar diesel engines, making the flagship Lx HST series tractors even more versatile.

“The hydrostatic transmission makes our Lx HST Series tractors both powerful and easy to operate,” said Ted Bregar, president of Yanmar America Corp. “Our engineers found a way to combine smooth shifting, great performance and the best fuel economy in its class into our flagship tractor series. Our customers and dealers alike will no doubt be very pleased with the features and performance of Yanmar’s new Lx HST Series tractors.”

The HST transmission has a high range for travel speed, medium range for mowing and a low range for hard-pull applications and loader work. And the Lx HST tractors are powered by specially-designed, direct-injection or turbo diesel engines, which yield lower emissions and higher reserve torque for more usable horsepower.


Further distinguishing the Lx HST series is Yanmar’s Performance Link Technology. It delivers a smoother and more comfortable ride with less noise, more efficient operation and less wear and tear, along with more usable horsepower and less power loss. These enhanced performance features are the result of Yanmar’s unique manufacturing process. With Performance Link Technology, all major components of Yanmar tractors are made in-house – the engine, transmission and axles. Yanmar is the only manufacturer that uses this advanced all-in-one process.

Detailed specifications of the Lx HST series tractors are available on the Yanmar Tractor Web site.

All Yanmar tractors are assembled at Yanmar’s U.S. headquarters in Georgia. The facility handles all marketing, sales, service and support functions for its network of authorized dealers. This allows Yanmar to, among other things, provide sales and service training directly from the manufacturer and to provide direct support for service and parts requirements.

Yanmar is one of the few compact tractor companies that designs and manufactures all of its own components and parts.

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