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TG1860 Kubota
TG1860 Diesel
Model Year: 1999

I bought this tractor used, with approximately 200 hours on the meter, for $3500. It came with a 48 inch mower deck and rear mounted grass catcher and power takeoff driven vacuum blower. I traded the grass catcher, which I couldn't use because of the increased width. I have been mowing about 3 plus acres of what was orginally rough ground for the past 8 years. I do my own maintenance consisting of oil and filter changes and regular mowing deck greasing. I did have one dealer service for fuel filter and antifreeze change and will probably do that again next spring. This machine has been practically trouble free. Recently starting became erratic. I replaced the starter relay (located at the right front of the frame) for a cost of $10 and about fifteen minutes, which cured the problem.

Pros: Starting, running, economy, dependability, power steering
Cons: difficult access to center grease fitting on mower deck, poor headlights, difficult access to grease fittings on driveshaft U-joints, difficult access to gearbox drain and fill (requires removal of left rear wheel.

4.00 star(s)
Wyatts dad

TG1860 Kubota
My Kubota TG-1860 after 8 years
Model Year: 2002

Overall a good tractor, the diesel was agreat choice no regrets on that. While hours are low, use has been heavy, with 2 Acres that gets long on occasion. The diesel goes right thru it without bogging down. The steel in the blades holds up very well, and i still sharpen the original blades, yes they hit rocks sticks and kids toys. The electric clutch sucks and it appears it has been done away with on newer tractors, Amen to that. Deck is easy to remove, hard to reinstall, geometry on deck drive belt is bad and causes wear on the belt when used in highest position, would be nice if it could be set to 5 or even 6 inches, max is only 4 inches, cutting at 3-1/2 inches is hard on the belt and where we like to cut.

Pros: sturdy does the job nicer deck than a Deere
Cons: I wish it was made in the USA, but a Deere is outsourced too

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5.00 star(s)

TG1860 Kubota
Diesel Stands Tall
Model Year: 1999

I bought this machine used with about 200 hours on the meter. It has performed flawlessly and nothing has been more dependable. It is a true workhorse.

Pros: Power to spare, easy to operate, power steering.
Cons: Slower and less maneuverable than zero turn mower.

5.00 star(s)

TG1860 Kubota
After 10 Years Still Going Strong
Model Year: 2002

I have had my Kubota for 10 years now and currently has 330 hours on it. I have been mowing about 2 acres on average once every 1 to 2 weeks for about 9 months out of the year. Over all it has been an excellent mower, the Diesel engine, has out lasted 3 higher priced gasoline engine riding mowers during the same amount of time before purchasing this more. I am ashamed to say this but after 10 years I finally put new blades on the mower! Yeah I now I was beating the grass to death the last few years. Also the power steering went out this year, and I replaced it. Other than that its been an excellent machine.

Pros: Works good very dependable.
Cons: It was expensive to purchase initially.

3.00 star(s)

TG1860 Kubota
Model Year: 2002

Bought new in 2002. mowing 4 acres takes just over 2 hours with the 54 inch deck. Pto belt has to be replaced every year. Grease zirk off motor on drive shaft not accessible with standard gun. @ 800 hours frame over front wheels cracked, welded half inch thick steel gusetts to fix. This year front axel snapped, I had to weld that. Pto clutch will not engage when hot. Should have bought a compact tractor.

Pros: diesel motor
Cons: under sized frame work

5.00 star(s)

TG1860 Kubota
Kubota TG1860G
Model Year: 0

I bought this used in April and got sold a lemon. It worked one time and now it will not start. It has a Kawasaki engine FD590V BS08. Every part on the carburetor has been discontinued and nobody has updated their parts list. They say the carburetor is available, but then there is no response or weeks of calling results in little progress. To be fair, there are some parts stores that have now updated their parts list. I am extremely frustrated and have been looking for carburetor parts since April of this year. If anyone knows about a suitable substitute please let me know.

Pros: Got nothing good to say
Cons: Every part on the carburetor, and other parts have been discontinued and no aftermarket parts available, my advice is do not buy

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