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3435 Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson 3635 cab model 4x4
Model Year: 2008

This tractor is actually a 3635 but the only choice you get to pick from the model selection is a 3435 when given a choice to pick your tractor model. This tractor replaced my John Deere of similar size as the Deere was just worn out and time for a trade in. This Massey has been the best of my six tractors to date. It is my second MF and it is extremely reliable and fuel efficient. I only buy four wheel drive tractors and this is my first cab model with all the features they could add. The only draw back is the AC loses it's cool when the front cowling area takes in a lot of grass and straw during heavy mowing. I guess you could use the lack of AC cooling to know it is time to clean the radiator and oil cooler of straw and dirt. This tractor has excellent lift with the DL-260 lift arms and I ordered my tractor with the universal skid steer attachments since I already had about 9 skid steer attachments that also work well with this tractor. The tractor is a little bit top heavy and can feel tipsy in high slopes, but it will warn you when it does not feel comfortable in the slope by starting to lean a bit. This tractor is basically the same as the Cat Challenger series. They paint theirs yellow and black and Massy does the red and black theme. This tractor is considered a utility tractor and this version comes in three sizes that share the same engine in different states of tune. The 3625 has 68 hp, the 3635 has 78 hp and the top of the line has 91 hp. The difference is the turbochargers that vary the hp rating using the same engine. I ordered the 12 speed shuttle shift that is a breeze to shift and with the electronic shift button on the shift lever, you can relax your legs and let your fingers and hands do most all the work. This tractor has 15.8 gallons of hydraulics at the rear remotes, so my log splitter, hydro top link, hydro grade blade, hydro chipper and stump grinder all get good use of the great gpm hydro flow. The hauling weight all loaded with fuel, ballast, front lift arms with an attachment and one rear attachment comes in around 10,000 pounds, so my 14,000 lb equipment trailer can still haul the tractor when needed. This is one great tractor and I highly recommend it.

Pros: Fuel Consumption and power.
Cons: lack of AC cooling in dusty and trashy conditions.

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