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Anonymous Poster

573 Massey Ferguson
Great Perkins power, very reliable, very stout, very satisfied
Model Year: 2008

I had one problem with this tractor regarding the extend-able draft links which were upgraded via a service bulletin that was published to re-mediate this issue. Unfortunately, the selling dealer, was unaware of this fact for several months (nearly a whole year I dealt with this issue). To make matters worse, key employees mysteriously left the company who had the intimate knowledge of my machine's issue. I can't in good conscience recommend this dealer not just for this (incompetence) but to add insult to injury, the owner (James) was stupid enough to literally blame the problems on me, unaware that there was indeed a service bulletin. I realize that this has nothing to do with the machine, but the dealer experience is an important part of ownership. Mark Dietz is a great guy, honest and committed to satisfied customers. IF James doesn't piss off all the customers he might be able to stay in business. But I'm afraid but I'm gonna have to go elsewhere should I ever need other equipment.

Pros: GREAT motor. Perkins. Best GPM hydraulic system in it's class. Heaviest chassis. Not a toy. True heavy duty in everyway.
Cons: Not the best for trailering unless you have a substantial rig. Not as vast a dealer network as other brands.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

573 Massey Ferguson
MF 573 - 4wd - FEL
Model Year: 2008

Bought 4wd 573 tractor with shuttle shift in 2010 for bush hogging steep clearings and pulling trees and big logs from steep woods for timber improvement. My other experience is with smaller, lighter machines in 2wd and 4wd. The 573 engine's power far exceeds my needs, based on my uses. The machine's hydraulics deliver a lot of power and I have never been under-served at the loader, grapple or 3ph. the machine is very heavy which provides great stability when mowing and doing tree work on hills. Machine was purchased new so I haven't had it long enough to really rate the reliability over time. dealer was exceptional to deal with.

Pros: Chassis weight, stability, hydraulic power, large operating platform.
Cons: Dealer 100 miles away.

5.00 star(s)

573 Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson
Model Year: 2009

This is the first tractor I have ever owned. Have used equipment belonging to other people over the years, but never really had a need to own my own until my wife and I bought our little farm in Tennessee. I solicited much advice from neighbors with similar terrain and needs as ours. Not being mechanically minded with regards to engines and tractors we decided to buy a new one and take advantage of warranty and, hopefully, little initial repair. That was a wise choice. Other than one small issue with regards to a cylinder on the front end it has been maintenance and repair free. We knew we wanted 4WD, ROPS, No cab!, OEM front end loader, and something both I and my wife felt comfortable driving. We guesstimated size and HP and then went 2 sizes larger. All excellent choices. It exceeds our need but isn't so big as to be unweildy or give a sense of invulnerability. Fina determination for the MF was value for the money over the other brands and the fact that the dealer was 5 miles from our farm (see Cons below). Very happy with our Massey Ferguson!

Pros: Value for the money. Shuttle Shift is great for first time tractor owners!
Cons: Local dealer has gone out of business. Concerns for long term repair and maintenance.

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