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5.00 star(s)

T1110 New Holland
Boomer 1030 also known as a T1110
Model Year: 2008

Purchased this tractor from Moody's New Holland in Saskatchewan. Pricing was excellent, dealer was very friendly. Some miscommunications with the sales person which is what lead to the 3 rating. I have used the tractor for light tilling and snow removal so far and it has done excellent. When going uphill trying to snowblow or push with the loader it will spin out. I have no weight in the tires, but it isn't too bad. Snowblower is a 64 inch and looks very large for the tractor, but works great! If on a level or downhill slope it can go through a lot of snow!!! Tractor itself has been great, hydraulics have surprised me in what it can lift so that is a plus. Very comfortable to operate and haven't had any soreness after sitting in the seat for 3 hours. Maybe after a day of mowing it will be different, but the movable seat (back and forth) is nice as I can slide it all the way back (I'm 6'1) Really like the forward reverse pedals, much better than a Kubota rocker, to have forward and reverse side by side.

Pros: Small package, with over 20hp PTO power, fuel efficient, comfortable, priced right!!!
Cons: Not too many PTO kicks in at over 3000 rpms so a little noisy.

4.00 star(s)

T1110 New Holland
NH T1110 (Currently 1030)
Model Year: 2008

I would say I am satisfied overall with this tractor. Good power for it's size, strong loader/hydraulics, operator platform uncluttered. Have a 60 in. mid mower that the 28 hp diesel runs with no problem. Hydro transmission works well, although I would prefer gear if you could get them on this size tractor. Hopefully manufacturers will consider bringing back gear on small tractors, as I think you lose a lot of power and use more fuel with hydro trans. Transmission will cut out on these small tractors before engine stops, which is why I would prefer gear. Other than that , tractor has done everything I have asked, and is also great at snow removal. I moved those heavy N.E. snows last year with no problem using FEL, and the tractor is equipped with turf tires.

Pros: Strong tractor for size.
Cons: Too much plastic (hood, floorboard,ect).

5.00 star(s)

T1110 New Holland
My New T1110
Model Year: 2009

Lots of power in a small package. Front end loader works nice and smooth. Not much stops it when in 4 wheel drive. Just used it to clear out the latest snow fall of about 13" in my driveway and two older couples down the road from me. Sure beats my old walkbehind snowblower. I'm looking forward to mowing my 5 acre lawn this summer with the 60" MMM. All implements take about 5 min. to change, and it's very easy. I love this machine.

Pros: Smaller package with lots of power & nice quiet diesel.
Cons: None so far.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

T1110 New Holland
Nice Tractor
Model Year: 2008

Bought this tractor for the front end loader and the 60" mowing deck. I looked at a lot of specs. for all the major players in the compact 4WD market. The New Holland T1110 is around 200 lbs. heavier than a comparable (28hp diesel) JD, Kubota and Kioti. I make my living as an Aerospace Machinist, and I' a big fan of stronger frames. That being said, this machine does all it was designed to do, and does it we'll.

Pros: Just the right size and horsepower for my 5 acres.
Cons: None.

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