kubota bx25

  1. M

    BX25 front axle clunking sound

    Have a BX25 with 500 hrs. I get a clunking sound from the front axle. Hard to say if it's from from changing directions or turning or a combo of the two. Fluid seems to be full in the axle. Or could it have to do with the 4WD? Just thought of that and not sure I've taken it out of 4WD to see if...
  2. T

    Bx25 backhoe dipper stick

    Twisted dipper stick, any suggestions on where to get a replacement, hopefully used? Anyone tried straightening?
  3. T

    Replace Fan Belt BX25

    Anyone replace the alternator/fan belt on their BX 25? Before I pull the drive line to get the old belt off and new belt on lower pulley it would be good to know if there is enough end play to get the old belt off and new on. Cannot find any discussion on this in the WSM. Parts Manual shows...
  4. 1

    BX25 won't shut off.

    Walked out the other day and heard the bx clicking.. constant clicking noise. Turned the key on and off and nothing changed. Turned the light switch on and it quit. Started and drove it a bit, then it would not shutoff until I turn the key off and the lights on. I just put a new battery in a...
  5. Megawisdumb

    Post Driver on BX25

    Finally got some time to try a new BX25 toy yesterday. WOW. I'll never use my auger again! I slammed about 25 6" posts in a few a few hours but still have a few hundred to pound. It took between 15-20 slams to put the 8 footer at shoulder height. I do need to find a 1/4 spliter so I don't...
  6. D

    Rear remotes/hydraulics on BX25

    I’m looking for some advice/thoughts/anyone with experience on the following. I’d like to add rear remotes to my BX25. Looking at hydraulic valve kit options from both fitrite hydraulics and summit hydraulics. It appears one of the main differences is how the valves are actuated. With the...
  7. S

    BX25 Rear Wheel Fell Off!

    I was mowing last night on a slight slope, and thought my mower deck became disengaged because I felt a "rubbing". It turns out my left rear wheel fell completely off. What was especially strange is that I found three of the lug bolts within 3 feet of the wheel, which means, there was some...
  8. M

    Kubota BX25 cutting deck mounting and storage

    I just did my spring re-mounting of the 60" cutting deck, something I only do once a year, and therefore kind of hard to get good at. This is of course the drive over deck, and in the ads they show it as being effortless, but it never is. I have two questions for the group. 1. Whenever I...
  9. H

    2017 Kubota BX25 D

    Is $14,000 a "good buy" for a 2017 Kubota BX25D? It has 213 hrs. on the meter, and it's equipped with the FEL, Back-Hoe and 60 inch belly mower. It looks to be immaculate, and the original owner says it's been used "gently".
  10. C

    Saying goodbye BX25, hello....

    After 11 years and 1100 hours later the ol workhorse has served its purpose. The dealer will be here in the morning to haul her off after dropping off the new LX2610. We are needing greater lifting, hauling and pulling capabilities. More to come
  11. D

    BX25 Steering Wheel Swap?

    I've been wanting a higher steering wheel on my BX25. Does anyone know if one of the taller wheels like on the BX25D will fit the BX25? Thanks.
  12. T

    BX25 TLB

    Has Kubota BT601 backhoe, says quick attach model, have several posts on other BX models where satisfaction with backhoe and mid mount 60 inch mower are biggest frustration for mounting/connections. Messicks has brief video and mentions both implements in top5 worst implements for owner...
  13. C

    BX25 roll over for sale

    So found a BX25 listed for sale. Talked to the owner. Second owner and he said he bought it after first owner rolled it. Has used it about 15 to 20 hours as is. Says it puts out white smoke for the first couple minutes after starting and then the smoke stops and it runs fine after that with...
  14. D

    BX25 Suspension Seat

    I've had back issues for 50 of my 72 years so the lack of suspension on the BX25 is an occasional problem. This year already I've been down 4 times so I thought it was time for some suspension. A little searching led me to a mechanical suspension seat which seems to have been sold by a number...
  15. YotaBota

    No forward or reverse BX25

    Out tilling this evening and BX25 seemed a little sluggish backing up a few times, but forward seemed to have been fine. Thought it might have been an issue with tractor being in low range so shifted into high range with no difference backing up. checked to see if there was dirt impeding the...
  16. M

    Replacing a BX25 with?

    We are moving from California o Northern Wisconsin. I had planned to take my BX25 and and RTV900 and use the tractor for snowblowing and general property cleanup and maintenance. However, it looks as if the offer to buy our current house includes the tractor and RTV. The price and it...
  17. K

    Bx25 boom lift

    Hi all, starting to put together plans for my pole barn project. Gonna build a 40x63 with 14 foot side walls. Gonna do all but the concrete myself, planning to start in July and finish before winter. One thing I'm trying to figure out is getting the trusses up top. 40foot clear span truss, I...
  18. C

    Buying Advice  First Tractor, Used Kubota BX25

    This is my first time posting a forum, so this is a new experience for me. So here we go, I am looking to own my first Tractor. I have been researching and studying for the last 2 years trying to educate myself and find the best deal. Was considering and had my mind set on finding a used or...
  19. K

    New rk24 or used bx25

    Hi all, new here, been looking at tractors for a few weeks. I'll be doing driveway work, land leveling for pole barns, landscape gravel work and other odd jobs. I'm a auto technician by trade and would like to be able to use the loader to move vehicle parts like engines, axles, beds, and cabs...
  20. C

    BX25 floor pan

    Does anyone have a part number for a BX25 floor pan? Mine is rusted out pretty bad and I'd like to simply replace as opposed to trying to fix it... thanks
  21. P

    #46 Hydraulic Fluid for BX25?

    I thought I had done my research and I chose some hydraulic fluid called AW46 to use in my BX25. After I bought it, I looked online and started seeing some places selling AW46 and they said it was not recommended for transmissions, differentials or wet brakes. So I assume this is not good...
  22. P

    BX25 Front End Loader Will Not Move and Deck Will Not Raise or Lower

    The hydraulic fluid is at the full level. I have tried moving the deck up and down after removing the four backhoe lines and it does not move. I looked at the power beyond connector and inside the male connector the center insert looks slightly off center but it does not appear to be enough to...
  23. D

    Backhoe  BX25 backhoe

    what is the resin for removing mowerdeck when using backhoe on BX25
  24. S

    BXpanded Backhoe dolly and Quick attach forks for BX25 Kubota

    Sold the tractor long ago and just realized i have these in the basement. Located in central Mass for pickup only please. Looks as though new would be about 479.00 How 350.00? Thanks Steve
  25. check

    Snow  BX25 did not start - first time in 10 years!

    I started it up when I arrived at the cottage last night, and it was about -13 Celsius. after running it for a couple of hours, I stopped and plugged it in, and then this morning, it would not start. Turns out I forgot to plug the other end of the extension cord into the wall, so it had not in...
  26. F

    New to me BX25, what recommended mods/improvements to do?

    So I settled on a like new 2008 BX25 with 172 hours (I know, right!) backhoe, FEL, and belly mower. I spent 12 hours on it this weekend putting it to work back filling 400 feet of 3' deep trench (rented its step brother; a KX121-3 mini-ex to dig the trench) with the FEL (wishing every second...
  27. JimBinMI

    Mowing  BX25 and Cyclone Rake

    Got some of the leaves up before Old Man Winter decided to snow!
  28. J

    Kubota BX4090 cab on a 60 series BX25

    While the new BX4090 cab is officially for the 80 series tractor, would it fit on a 60 series BX25? What's important is the shape and dimensions of the floorboards and rear fenders, if they are the same it should be able to be made to work.
  29. check

    Kubota BX25 - 750 hr. service cost

    Hello all, I did my 400 hour service on my Kubota BX 25, but now it’s up to 765 hours, and I am thinking it is time to service it again. The question is, is $600 to $700 reasonable for complete service, changing all the fluids including the oil change as well, and all the filters of course?
  30. D

    Kubota BX25 FEL falls under own weight

    2013 BX25D with apprx. 200 hrs of easy residential use. No previous FEL issues. No FEL cylinder or control valve external leaks. FEL falls under its own weight. It does stop eventually I'm assuming once the pressure equalizes to the load. I have removed the FEL and tested the hydro pressure on...
  31. C

    6' blade on a BX25

    Is anyone using a 6' blade on a BX25 (has Pat's quick connect on 3ph)?? I will only be using it for back dragging my driveway and any snow we might get. I won't be using the cutting edge but a very rare occasions, maybe cutting down the center hump in the drive way (drive way is 1/3 of a mile...
  32. CWB

    Rust on BX25 floorpan

    This is probably old news to most readers but I’ve received lots of helpful tips over the years so thought I’d post it anyway. I removed the rubber mat on my middle aged BX and found a reasonable amount of surface rust and peeling paint, especially around the grommets. It was easy to remove...
  33. B

    Buying advice Kioti ck 20 or kubota bx25

    Hello all.First post for newbie here.Have enjoyed reading here for months now.Ready to pull the trigger soon on one of these units.Used 2008 kioti ck 20 hst,front loader,3 point hitch, 680 hours.Price Canadian at $14900 plus tax(some wiggle room.Or a used 2008 Kubota bx25s with loader and...
  34. R

    BX25 FEL bucket creep

    Hi all, Another issue with my BX25 lately. The bucket will not stay up unless I keep pressure on the controls to keep it up. I have NO leaks anywhere, connected and reconnected all fittings. Everything else operates as designed. If I let the bucket go to full dump position it seems as if it...
  35. R

    BX25 will not turn off

    Good evening, Had a little issue with my machine after plowing an hour ago, went to turn the key off, tractor kept on running. Lights also stayed on, factory lights and the LED light bar I installed. I ended up pulling the ACC 20 amp fuse and it killed the lights and engine. Any ideas on what...
  36. Rock Crawler

    BX25 Tires slipping, moving RimGard into tubes.

    My BX25 does primary duty as a dirt digger/mover and when I bought it (used) a month back I had the tires filled with Rim Guard immediately. I run the recommended 18PSI front and 22PSI rear pressure. I was noticing at first that the wheels would chatter and slip/catch/slip in the wheel causing...
  37. Rock Crawler

    How big of step from BX25 to B2650 TLB?

    The question is how big of a step up is it in loader/backhoe digging ability when moving from the SCUT BX25D to the CUT B2650? My primary use is finish mowing lawn (2.5 acres) and then the other use is digging virgin dirt from one spot to fill or transition to another spot for landscape reasons...
  38. Rock Crawler

    Loader  BX25 Loader bucket position while using backhoe?

    My father owned a home construction for years and used large equipment, one item was a large old Case loader/backhoe that they used on job sites. So when I picked this little Kubota BX25 up, he was happy to come over and show me how to use it. He told me that they always put the loader bucket...
  39. Rock Crawler

    New BX25 owner, first weekend adventures.

    We got the BX last week used with 93 hours on the clock and noted that the 50 hour service was not completed. So the start was to run to a dealer and buy all fluids for engine, front axle and rear axle as well as all filters including the 2 fuel filters. Around $300 later we were off to the...
  40. Rock Crawler

    How to convert BX25 to SSQA?

    I just picked up a real cherry 2013 BX25 with 92 hours on the clock, and being an older model it has a pin on loader bucket. I would like the option of dropping a SSQA bucket and mounting up a small grapple (Everything Attachments). So what is the easiest way to do this? I do weld, plasma, grind...
  41. Rock Crawler

    2013 Kubota BX25 90 hours buy price?

    Okay, so yesterday I get a lead on a tractor.... because you know.... I've been talking about buying a tractor to anyone who will listen for at least 2 months and everyone knows I am looking..... anyways, there was a death in a family, the grandfather had 2013 BX25 TLB (Not a D, and no mower)...
  42. D

    Wrong Warranty information on my BX25

    I've posted a thread about the dealer saying I have gas in my diesel fuel. Still dealing with this, seems they say I need a new engine. But This is another situation. I'm hitting this engine deal on two fronts. First I filed a claim with Kubota Insurance and then drove to the Dealer and ask...
  43. T

    Kubota BX25 Thumb Installation (REVISED)

    This is a revised version of a previous quote that did not get much response. I bought the thumb on CL at a real bargain. Owner bought and never installed. No instructions. His BX 25 is same vintage as mine. This is a clamp on type; later models K revised the dipper arm for a pinned...
  44. T

    BX25 Thumb Install

    I have a new Kubota brand BH thumb I bought on CL cheap. Does anyone out there in TBN Land have the instructions for installing these? Has anyone installed hydraulics to one? Pictures will help a lot. Thanks in advance, Ron
  45. D

    BX25 hydraulic link

    I have a BX25 and use a rear blade and box blade. A hydraulic top link and tilt link would be great but I cant find any info specific to the BX25. I would think you could use the supply and return lines for the backhoe since its not attached when using a rear blade. I would appreciate any help...
  46. B

    dumb Kubota BX25 question

    Hi - I have a BX25 and no Mid-Mount Mower - my question is - how can I keep the linkage/arms all the way up all of the time ? It was not obvious looking under there how to physically lock them in the highest/up position. Since I never have a mower deck on I was wanting to keep those up and out...
  47. N

    Safe way to change a belt on RCK60 deck on BX25

    Some ideas please on a safe way to relieve the spring tension to remove the belt. I have had a bad experience on another mower trying to remove the spring. Messed up a finger pretty bad. When I removed the belt on the RCK60 yesterday to drain the gear box I just forced the belt over the farthest...
  48. C

    Grading  BX25 Implements for cleaning up a couple of acres

    Hi All, pretty new to this forum. I have a 2014 BX25 with the backhoe & the FEL. I also have a snow blade and use the tractor mainly for plowing small projects around the house. We just bought the lot next to ours- it's about 2-3 acres, and I had them level the area with some heavy equipment as...
  49. General Lee

    BX23S / BX25 Back hoe capabilities

    Can anyone share their insights on the new BX23S backhoe capabilities? I'm strongly considering the BX23S. I don't really need tractor capabilities, more interested in the BH. I need to decide if the BH will meet some of my needs. Some stump digging, various landscape projects from time to time...
  50. A


    Of all things, you would expect a seat belt to work flawlessly. I am beyond livid. Today I laid my BX25 on it's side, a slow plop over and I could NOT get the seat belt buckle to release. I am SO MAD. It simply would not unbuckle. After several minutes I was able to get enough of my bodys...
  51. check

    Kubota BX25 sputtering and stalling

    Hi, folks, my very first problem with my 2009 Kubota BX25. The tank was down to about 1/4 or so and I filled it up with some fresh diesel I just bought on May 19. Started it up and it warmed up fine, but then as I was pulling out of the driveway at about 3,000 RPM, it seemed like it started...
  52. check

    Kubota BX25 has weak HST power

    Hello, guys, my 2009 Kubota BX25 seems to have lost a LOT of power to drive up even a slight incline, especially in reverse. For example, I was back dragging some very light, sandy soil up a VERY gentle slope, and even in Low (turtle) the tractor simply could not handle it. (And even when I...
  53. Y

    Traction  BX25 differential lock problem - need disassembly and repair links.

    Seems something broke, as the differential lock is partially engaging. I have 1600 hours on the machine and engage the differential lock often, but before I have a traction issue. Unloaded, I engage the pedal and gently turn until the lock engages, then proceed to work. Now the lock will not...
  54. S

    BX25 54" MMM - Looking For Dimensions for Adapter Boot

    Sorry to bug the forum on this, but being as I am out of town, I cannot measure two dimensions I need on my 54" mid mount mower deck. I just ordered a Cyclone Rake, and they are asking for the discharge opening width and height. My BX25 is from 2010, but I am not sure of the model number. It...
  55. T

    Bx25 loader

    My kubota bx25 bucket has a lot of play. When I lift the bucket up and tilt the bucket down, I can move the bucket up and down with my hand. I am unable to use the bucket to lift I blew a hose and replaced it along with the quick connect. Any ideas? Tim
  56. scaredychicken

    BX25 (and related models) or BX23S (new)

    Hi All, I just discovered the new BX23S ('17 yr model) tractor, loader, backhoe package. I'd like a mid-mount mower also, and eventually a few other options ... post hole digger, pallet forks, grapple hook, roof cover. I've been dealing with life challenges for the past two years, so I'm...
  57. B

    Kubota BX25 Backhoe hydraulic adjustment

    Hi all, I have a BX25D with about 25 hours on it. The backhoe is very fast, abrupt and "bouncy" side-to-side operation but smooth in all other axis and movements. Is there any way to adjust or limit the side-to-side movement ONLY such that it is more in line with the rest of the bacjhoe...
  58. G

    BX25 pricing

    I am looking at buying a BX25 asap. All dealers around me are at $18240 out the door NH resident(no sales tax). This is the no haggle, email through site. Anyone getting the prices lower? I may not go with the kubota if I can't get it lower.
  59. B

    Canopy  BX25 Cab Build

    Well, I stared working at my cab build project for my BX25 last weekend. Plan is to have a single door on the left side as well as a removable rear window to allow for use of the backhoe with the cab on. I will also mount a heater in the cab, running off the coolant lines. So far I am just...
  60. Code54

    BX25 front weight bracket

    Do any of you know of a front weight bracket for the BX25's? Maybe built one? I put a EA aerator on my BX25 and while it works great it also causes the front end (wheels) to lift about 18" off the ground on a hill so that is a little bit of a problem. I could use the front end loader but...
  61. A

    BX25 FUSE BOX Wire Connectors ???

    So I see there are 3 unused holes for mini fuses in my fuse box on my BX25. I want to add circuits utilizing these future holes. Can someone clue me in as to exactly what kind of connector I need to buy (and where*) and once I have it w/ a wire attached, how do I install it, will I simply...
  62. S

    Choosing The Right Tiller for BX25

    Hey all. As Spring approaches on our first full year on our new homestead (2 acres of lawn, 10 acres of woods, and 55 acres of pasture), I have decided that a good tiller is the next implement purchase for the 2010 BX25. We are planning to create a new food plot (roughly 6,000 to 7,000 SF) on...
  63. Madz

    Loader  BX25 - can I use the bucket without backhoe fitted

    Quick question, I have a BX25 which spends most of its time as a mower without the loader and backhoe attached and with a MMM deck on. If I want to do some grading or very light work with the bucket do I need to go to the trouble of fitting the backhoe?? (as a counter weight)? I know obviously I...
  64. A

    BX25 SnowPlowOMatic

    Guys I know there is a lot of incredible talent in the TBN welding section. I perhaps should have posted up what I am doing here but gray matter does what it does sometimes. If any of ya'll want to interject, yea or nea or laugh or praise I invite you to CLICK HERE and give me your opinions.
  65. A

    BX25 SnowPlowOMatic

    Well, a new piece of property and some new challenges. SNOW! ...and how to get rid of the stuff! Well, I have another crazy idea and hook or crook I am going to do it. I should have the ability to plow AND use my bucket to move snow when done, meaning w/ the grapple down I plow, with the...
  66. Code54

    Lawn Aerators and weight for BX25

    Has anyone used a HD aerator on their BX25? I was wondering if the Everything Attachments 650lbs units are too heavy in real world usage. I know that is close to its lift capacity but like the idea of getting a 36" model so I can get in more places than I could using a larger tractor and aerator.
  67. S

    Just Bought 2013 BX25

    First post here. After years of wishing for a tractor to manage and clear the yard and woods (only 2 acres) I found and bought a 2013 BX25 TLB with the 3 point linkage and an aeriator thrown in, it has 320 hours. The PO didn't seem to mechanicly inclined and said he had it serviced at the...
  68. tjkubota93

    Bx25 tires on a bx1860

    Incase anyone was interested, hard to find much about it. I needed more grip.
  69. A


    VERY upset I am at the quality of the tires on my BX25. I think I was one of the first to grab one of these jewels about 5 years ago or so now. I looked at the rear tires a couple of days ago and saw significant cracking / crazing just out from the bead about 2" or so. Makes me MAD. On...
  70. S

    Need a lesson on the BX25 and similar sizes

    The BX25D really has caught my eye, mostly from viewing threads here. I feel I need to know more and how it compares with slightly bigger and slightly smaller models. Are those a better deal? I know almost nothing about B's or BX's other than having a larger B7800 (that I really like). I don't...
  71. E

    BX25 Backhoe issue

    I have a 2015 Kubota BX25D that I bought used. 108 hours. I can not get the bucket to curl, pull the rake in, and boom up at the same time. (Basic Digging):confused2: I tried it at 3500rmp, pull the boom in and nothing. there was no load at all on the bucket, I was doing it in the air. It...
  72. H

    wheels and tires from a BX25 to a BX23

    Can I put BX 25 wheel assemblies on my 2005 BX23 with no issues? Not sure I can still get them but if nothing else I need to by new front tires before he snow flies. I am running the stock AG tires on mine still
  73. A


    Lots of posts on "What should I buy?". What I would like to hear is "What were you displeased with and what do you wish you had bought?" Yes I am shopping serious for a PHD for a BX25. Los Angeles area, OR, Spokane/CDA area.
  74. C

    Bx25 backhoe bracket measurements

    I have a Kubota Bx-25 and also have an extra trenching bucket that someone cut the brackets off of. Does anyone know the hole to hole measurements of the mounting pin holes for the bt601 backhoe? I have access to a cnc plasma cutting table and would like to burn two new brackets and weld them...
  75. J

    BX25 vs. B3350HST

    I've loved my BX25D thus far with a few exceptions. With my current project though (clearing land), I'm thinking about upgrading. I'd like to keep a MMM so that means the B series. I'd still get the FEL and BH as well. So, question is, aside from a rated 8hp increase, how much stronger is...
  76. A

    California  BX25 REAR RIMS

    My BX25 w/ custom roll cage might not fit in a shipping container. I am shopping for a pair of cheap rear rims I can swap on just to load into a container. Send pics and price and whereabouts to my email = CLICK HERE I am in the Los Angeles area
  77. H

    Trying to decide Kubota BX25 or 1025R

    I'm sure all the senior members here are tired of these posts, but I really am torn about what to buy. I just bought 5 acres and will be needing to mow, dig trenches for utilities (cable internet 400ft to the road, water line for spigots to the barn and shop will need utilities) Also maintain...
  78. HeLa

    400hr. on the BX25 today

    i sure picked a hot a humid day. other than that, everything went well. the front axle oil was a bit dirtier than i expected, then again it's not filtered. hydro fluid came out looking like new. my assistant was passed out on the job by the time we got to the MMM gearbox. kids these days...
  79. H

    bx25 insurance

    hey everyone, I am in the process of working out a deal for a new bx25. I am finding a better deal at a dealer that is farther away. They are saying that the kubota insurance pays for pick up and delivery, anyone who has had a claim does that sound correct? I could probably find cheaper...
  80. B

    Kubota BX25 Seems to Run Hot

    Hi Everyone, I did a search of the forum on this subject and didn't find anything. I apologize if this is a repeat. I have a 2010 BX25 with about 650 hours on it and it seems to run hot when using one of the PTOs. Typically it occurs when I am using the mower deck. I live in the Atlanta...
  81. S

    Kubota bx25. 2011

    I am a new member. Doing a pump fan replacement and finding it hard to remove handle rubbers, deck height knob and hydro speed control knob( I already broke this one.) pulling rear fenders. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  82. Natfuel1

    Bx25 hydraulic pressure low after fluid change

    Hello everyone.. I just finished doing a complete service on my 09 bx25. Changed hyd fluid and filter, cleaned screen and filled back up, used super udt2 fluid... I checked the pressure a couple weeks ago at the white port for fel, it was 1675ish.. I figured i would wait till the service and...
  83. Natfuel1

    Sights on BX25

    Hello everyone, ive been lurking on here for awhile now gathering all the info i can on bX tractors. I was intially going to buy a new bx25d with 60" mmm only as i dont need any other implement's at this time. I plan to use it to mow my lawn and mainly wanted a versatile machine for numerous...
  84. D

    BX25 Starting Issue

    I got the BX new in 2010 and it has about 650 hr. on it. When it was new, and for years after, it would start cold with a 10 second or less glow plug warm up. It would fire right off. For the last few years it has been taking a longer and longer glow plug warm up to start and even then it...
  85. U

    BX25 3 point linkage & BT601 Backhoe on BX2200

    I know that backhoes on BX2200 has been the subject of topic many times on here, and believe me, I have probably read every one. I'm aware of the pros and cons and without belaboring any points I am set on adding a BT601 (already bought) to my BX2200. What I am currently contemplating is...
  86. J

    BX25 with BH weight over septic?

    The 4" septic line from my house to the septic tank is around 10ft long. From the house it starts out cast iron and about half way to the tank, switches to what we believe is terracotta pipe. Looking down the cleanout of the cast iron pipe towards the tank, it appears the terracotta has...
  87. check

    Comparison  Kubota B2650 vs B3350: upgrade from my BX25?

    Hello all, my Wife says go ahead and upgrade!:drool: (She's a good wife, to be sure.) But is it worth it to upgrade? I have a 2009 Kubota BX25 which has served me well, doing everything from digging out stumps to digging out the space for my garage and for my shed, to trenching, digging up...
  88. F

    BX25 vs XJ2025: ground clearance

    I was all set to buy an XJ2025 and then I noticed how far under the backhoe frame hung under the tractor. This looks like it totally negates any ground clearance the XJ2025 has. In fact it looks more likely to get high centered in rough terrain than the BX25.
  89. P

    Traction  tow or push bx25

    My bx25 is broken down 1000 meters from my garage can I safely tow it to my garage using another vehicle. what do I need to do to prevent damage to the engine/ tranny
  90. Madz

    BX25 relief valve squeal when hot

    Hi Guys, this is my first tractor so I don't have any idea whats normal or not. I've had a few teething issues with my BX25 so not taking anything for granted. Hoping you can tell me if your tractor is the same: In normal operation when I move the loader in any direction, as soon as i release...
  91. R

    BX25 Running Rough Intermittently

    So here's my problem, in the middle of a snow storm. I started to clear my driveway and my Kubota was running fine and then all of a sudden it started to bog and sputter and shake. Then it would clear up and run for a few seconds and then do it again. There was no smoke and a few times it would...
  92. Megawisdumb

    Backhoe  Bx25 BH Install - controls not working

    Been using my PHD for several weeks and went back to install the BH and after hooking up the 3 lines I can't get the stabliziers or bucket arm to raise. Unplugged the 3 lines 3-4 times to no avail. Any other settings I need to turn off to get the BH controls to work?
  93. J

    Buying Advice  BX25 BH Thumb?

    Dealer wanted nearly $400 for the BH thumb on BX25D. Seems like a lot for such a thing. Any recommended alternatives? Thanks
  94. B

    BX25, snowblowing with BH on.

    I just mounted my BX5450 blower on my BX25 with my BH still on. Just wondering if anybody leaves theirs on also. It seems a bit tail heavy, not bad. My thought was to leave it on for better traction for rear tires. I do not have a ballast box, but can make one. No chains yet either, but will...
  95. B

    homemade bx25 cab

    This is my cab for my bx25. Need some snow to try it out.
  96. 7

    I am designing a trencher for my bx25. need advice

    I want to make a 2 ft trencher for my bx25d. My issue is that I only have 17 inches available in order to complete the curl to put the trencher away on the backhoe. I have a quick removal for the bucket, so I have 2 thoughts. One is to make it at the desired depth and just not ever close the...
  97. J

    Backhoe  Woods BH65 or new bx25?

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post to the forum but I have been studying it for a while. I am a campground owner in Nebraska and currently own a well maintained (800 hours) 2007 BX2350 with FEL, belly mower and a small grader. Currently I put about 300 hours a year on my tractor doing...
  98. 7

    quick attach FEL for bx25

    Ok, so I scoured the net looking for ideas for a quick attach for my bucket but I liked some features of some and some features of others. I liked the 2 inch receiver built in from one I saw, but i didn't like the pin system or the look of it. I liked the weight of the kubota brand one, but it...
  99. S

    Upgrading a BX25 to L or M - Need Newbie Advice

    I bought my BX25 for my 1 acre lot and still use the belly mower, bucket, and BH regularly. I love it. When we bought our 8.5 acre property 2 miles away, I decided that the BX25 would be adequate to manage that property also, and I picked up a 48" rotary mower for the fields and a 48" box...
  100. K

    3-Point Hitch  Does Woods LR72 landscape rake fit Bx25

    I found a used Woods LR72 (6ft) landscape rake that is in good condition. Tines are a little rusty, but the rest of rake is in great condition . The guy is asking $300. I think the price is good, but I'm a bit concerned that it may be to heavy for my Kubota Bx25. Does anyone have any experience...
  101. W

    BX25 ignition switch short

    When I try to start my BX25, the starter doesn't engage and the information lights go out. After I turn the ignition switch to off, the information lights glow dimly, a little buzzing sounds goes on for a while and there are some clicks that sound like a solenoid. After about 10 seconds...
  102. M

    72" core aerator to big for bx25?

    Found one local in good shape, is it to much for my bx?
  103. F

    Who owns BX25 + Dump trailer?

    I have been doing some reading on trailering a BX25TLB. It seems that the perfect trailer is about a 16' car type trailer. That is fine, but its not going to work for me. I currently own a 5X10 Landscape trailer. I love it. Its the prefect size for me. BUT IT DON'T DUMP! AND I HAVE UNLOADED...
  104. M

    List of compatible decks and baggers for BX25

    Gonna start looking for a deck and bagger for leaf clean up. Are all BX decks interchangable? I know theres atleast two different bagger options what parts work on the bx25? Thnaks in advance
  105. J

    Potential purchase, 2011 BX25, looking for honest feedback

    Hi folks, Long time reader and I'm finally at the point that i've started shopping around of my very own Kubota. About this purchase: 1. The BX is the only line that will fit at my current property. 2. I want to stay around $10k for a complete setup (BH, Loader, Snowblower, Mower), if...
  106. Johnkn

    Moving Bluestone with BX25, Piranha Bar on or Off?

    Greeting, I need to move 10 yards of #57 bluestone which will be dumped on my asphalt drive with my Kubota BX25. I'm thinking I would be better off removing the Piranha bar from the bucket in order to scrape it more cleanly off the driveway and not dull the bar, suggestions? Thanks
  107. Code54

    Mowing  Kubota bagger on BX25 question

    Does anyone have an older bagger they mounted on the BX25 (or a new one setup for a BX25) they could snap a photo of the mounting system and how it works? Kubota offers a retro fit kit and I am not sure how it works. I would like to get something that allows me to NOT use the 3pt but use the...
  108. HeLa

    BX25 Backhoe Bucket Pin Stuck

    I went to remove my BH bucket, with plans to install my ripper tooth. The first pin came out like expected, but the second wouldn't budge. I tapped on it lightly with a copper rod, no effect. Nothing LOOKS visible damaged or bent but I'm sure it wouldn't take much. I'm wary to force the pin...
  109. M

    BX25 tool box and storage ideas

    So I picked up a BX25 a little over a week ago and have put on bolt on bucket hooks, a Piranha tooth bar, and about 8 hours so far. Now looking for storage options and ideas with the limited room available. I would like to keep a chain if possible, 2 D-ring clevises, gloves, fluid film lube, and...
  110. Johnkn

    New Bxpanded Trencher Bucket and Quick Attach Bucket For BX25

    Greetings, anyone tried the new trencher bucket and QA bucket adaptor? Wondering if the QA changes the bucket geometry or curl in/out. I've already got a ripper tooth and am ordering both attachments. I looked at the YouTube video of the QA and it would be nice to be able to change...
  111. C

    Bx25 backhoe sags when parked

    Hello, I bought a low hr bx25 and noticed the main cylinder on backhoe boom will sag when parked (overnight a couple of inches). Is this normal? If not , how can I address? Thanks!!
  112. 8

    BX25 and RCR1248 Mower. HELP NEEDED

    Hello all, I just bought a Landpride RCR1248 3 pt mower and I cannot get it adjusted right. Hoping someone can walk me through my troubles. I am trying to get the front of it adjusted so it will not drag on the ground but when i put it all the way on the ground the front is dragging. Anyone...
  113. J

    Got a great tool today for my BX25

  114. millsan1

    Short term review TS 4' Boxblade Kubota BX25

    I purchased a TS 4' Box Blade on Friday. Pulling it behind Britney. I live on a steep property. I dropped the backhoe (first time) at one of my parking spots up the hill from the house. Brought the tractor down to the house and WHOA NELLY! I was in 2 WD and the back end lifted a bit...
  115. M

    Smallest trailer a BX25 will fit on?

    Looking to purchase a trailer for my bx25, whats the smallest size it will fit on and does it have to be a double axle?
  116. millsan1

    BX25 not new anymore

    I have about 80 hours on her now. Love the machine. This weekend, I was working on the property, and picked up a bucket of rock and dirt. One of the boulders was sitting out to the edge of the lip. Jiggled the controls to get the boulder to come back into the bucket, and bump bump BOOM...
  117. 5

    Kubota BX25 HST Linkage

    The forward and reverse speed has dropped considerably! After changing the HST fluid, filter, cleans the screen, still no change in the speed. So, I now suspect it could be the HST linkage. Has anyone done this task before, and is there a way to do this without taking the floor up? I looked...
  118. A

    New BX25 owner

    Hi New to the forum and new to tractors. I own 2 acres and getting ready to turn 60 so decided to get something to help with the heavy lifting. The kabota BX25 seem to fit the bill with the loader and backhoe attachment, I added a post hole digger, lawn rake and straight blade. Probably be...
  119. J

    New Non OEM Kubota BX25 Step Mat

    Well after having my bx25 since January 2010 an after several times removing the step mat to clean underneath an to service several items my step mat has tears an was just warn out. So after calling my dealer an getting a price for a new step mat plus the 11 required clips I decided to go my own...
  120. C

    Loader  dolly for BX25 FEL and BH

    I'm wanting to build a dolly (wood)for my BX35 FEL and BH. Has anyone done it, ate the any suggestion, videos etc. available
  121. J

    2 spool valve recommendations for BX25 rear remotes

    What is the best valve to use for rear remotes on a BX25? I see the specs on the 60 series tractor is the max GPM is 6.3 so the valve does not to be a high GPM model I presume. What about this 8 GPM valve? 2 SPOOL 8 GPM PRINCE MB21BB5C1 DA VALVE Or this one with float ? 2 SPOOL 8 GPM PRINCE...
  122. ddb123

    BX25 digging in rocky soil?

    Here in SW Missouri we have some very rocky soil. Can anyone with experience with a BX or similar tractor share their thoughts on digging in rocky soil using either the backhoe or loader?
  123. D

    Pulling stumps with kubota BX25

    This is a wallnut tree stump I pulled with my BX 25 It was so big I had to roll it out of the hole after filling in half of it to make a ramp
  124. T

    HELP:BX25 Leaking at bottom of PTO shaft cover

    I have a 2014 BX25D, it is leaking about 1 drop a day of hydraulic fluid a day from the bottom of rear PTO shaft housing, the same housing that the PTO guard mounts to. Yes it's under warranty and yes I took it to the dealer, when they returned it to me two weeks later and said they "went over...
  125. J

    Using a vacuum while removing the transmission strainer method for my BX25

    For those that use the vacuum cleaner while removing the transmission strainer on a BX. Do you hook the vacuum hose tightly to the dipstick hole? If so do you have any problem sucking up fluid into the vacuum? Or do you have to purposely leave a little break or leak in the connection to avoid...
  126. R

    Upgrading from BX25 to B2601 opinions

    I'm looking for opinions from anyone who upgraded from a BX25 to the small size B, I'm specifically looking at the new B2601. It's more money than I figured it would be to upgrade after talking to the dealer so I'd like some feedback on how much more capable the BH65 backhoe is as well as...
  127. check

    Buying a BX25 toothbar in Canada

    Hi, guys, does anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced removable tooth bar for my 2009 BX25? The BXpanded one will cost me close to $400 after the shipping, 20% exchange rate, and broker's fees, which makes it prohibitively expensive. I need a removable one since I use the BXpanded.com...
  128. E

    BXpanded sprayer for BX25

    Hi, all. I have the BXpanded BH dolly, thumb and bucket expander and I am VERY happy with all of them. For my b'day, I've asked my wife for the under armor and the ROPS tool kit. What I am most interested in is Harry's sprayer. After searching the forum, I see people say they like it but not...
  129. M

    BX25 King kutter install questions.

    Need help with hows to measure shaft. Also I have the shaft split right now the tractor half is hooked up, the tiller half only slides over shaft about 1 inch , this cant be right am i missing something? Also how do i measure and cut down the shafts? Thanks BX25 and king kutter xb
  130. F

    Very Frustrated :( Massey GC1720 vs BX25 Questions.

    :mad: Please forgive me in advance, but my whole tractor buying experience has been a giant exercise in frustration. I have a unique property that is very steep, and has a ton of stuff that needs to be done landscape wise. I need a small narrow tractor that can lift a lot, and dig I have ruled...
  131. M

    First big project with the bx25 is under way!

    I am digging out the hill under my deck and pouring footers then handing off to a friend for block and brick walls. This thing kicks ***, it has exceeded my expectations so far.
  132. W

    2011 kubota bx25

    hi my name is woody and im a new member.i have a 2011 bx25 with 105 hrs. on the clock.i I am thinking about puting it up for sale but wasnt sure what i should ask. I bought it new.does anyone have some knowledge on the values of these tractors or steer me into the right direction in finding out...
  133. P

    BX25 snow removal

    Here's a few pics of what a BX25 can do. Industrial tires, no chains. Snow banks are about 7 ft tall.
  134. F

    1025R vs GC1720 vs BX25 vs emax 22

    Ok guys- Newbie here and these are my Choices. 1025R vs GC1720 vs BX25 vs emax 22. Personally, I know the JD and Kubota the best. I feel the Kubota is best sized for me, but least performing. I own 10 properties Most of which dont need a tractor, but my current house will need a lot of...
  135. Draagyn

    Ballast  BX25 Capabilities

    Looks like I may be getting a BX25. I have quite the to do list for it already. Wondering how capable it will be of a few things on the list. I'm looking to get a 4 foot rotary mower for it mainly for clearing trails and fence lines of willows. How well will they work together? Also I would...
  136. 2

    BX25 Tire Air Pressure Recomendations for Winter Ops

    For those BX25 or SCUT owners, I was wondering what pressures you run in the winter for plowing. I have my rear R4 tires loaded and set the pressure by looking at the contact patch method in the fall...also did the same on my front R4's. I just ordered a grooving gun to grove both front an...
  137. J

    BX25 quit running, almost starts, fires black smoke and sounds mad.

    Hello All, Today while clearing snow my BX25 (less than 50 hours) started to sputter as if it was running out of fuel under load. I shut the motor of and filled the tank with fresh diesel (fuel gauge never worked since new). Turned the key to "on" to bleed, and tried again... same problem...
  138. B

    BX25 Stalling out

    Hello, I have a BX25 that was purchased in 2011 with ~150 hours on it. It recently started to stall out and in doing some research, it appears that it could be a wire, fuel filter, or a blockage in the line. Any recommendations on what to rule out first when inspecting the tractor. Any help...
  139. Scooby074

    3-Point Hitch  BX25 Adding aux hydraulics

    Figured Id post up my take on adding a couple auxillary hydraulic circuits to the back of my BX. I used an existing Prince valve left over from my firewood processor. It was way overkill for the BX, with 3/4 inlet and outlet ports and 1/2 work ports. Plus it weighs a ton being cast iron. One...
  140. M

    Another BX25 ROPS LED light Bracket

    Howdy All, Used up a some scrap stuff and built Breakaway light Brackets for the BX 25 ROPS, No holes drilled in the ROPS..Used Weld Mount product..Great stuff. The Weld mount studs are amazing, I Used left over 2 part glue to make wire ways for the light cable. Stainless 3/8 Washer with a nut...
  141. J

    BX25 Snow pusher

    Just some pics of a snow pusher that I had made for my bx25. Made it heavy duty so I could use it for dirt also. I just copied off of the one's they use to clear the parking lots at the malls.
  142. S

    Kubota BX25 - Attachments - Links?

    Does anyone have links to companies that specilize and sell Kubota BX25 attachments? Below are the ones I have found so far: 1) Jari Jari USA, Home of the Jari Sickle Mower 2) BxPanded BXpanded 3) Bro-Tek Bro-Tek: Tractor Add Ons 4) My Tractor Tools Tach-N-Go...
  143. J

    18" BX25 Backhoe bucket

    Well figured I would post this bucket I built for my BX25 I did about 3 weeks ago. I was tired of it taking forever to dig bigger holes. Only have few pics as I got to involved into the project. Sides are 1/4" high-tense steel along with the side cutting edges an the cutting edge that the teeth...
  144. W

    BX25 Time-Lapse Video

    I stumbled across a good video on Youtube. I have no idea if the person that made the video is a member here, but I doubt it since he rented the BX. Enjoy:
  145. Scooby074

    Me So Horny... Adding a horn to a BX25

    Been wanting a horn on the BX for a while. It will be handy for signaling especially considering the kids are usually around when the tractor is running. Not a particularly complicated install. It was more about finding a sutable location for the components than doing the actual work. Price...
  146. N

    Buying Advice  2012 Kubota BX25 TLB vs 2011 John Deere 1026R TLB

    Hello, I have quite the conundrum. I will be a first time tractor owner, shortly. I am looking at SCUTs with a FEL, MMM, and a backhoe. Uses will be mowing my small yard, moving snow (plan to use FEL, for now), expanding my driveway, doing some landscaping/gravel moving, installing deer...
  147. J

    New to the forum, & BX25 starting & run issues as winter sets in?

    Hello & thanks for welcoming me to the forum. I have a 3 year old BX25 with 165 hours, that starting giving me bogging down issues when I picked up a load or accelerated. It would reduce to idle speed but not stall, and if cut back on throttle it would come back to normal speed. I changed the...
  148. M

    Any grease fittings on tractor itself? Not FEL and BH BX25

    Found all the fittings on the backhoe and FEL but is there any grease fittings on the tractor itself?
  149. gthunt

    Bx25 Looking to replace Battery

    Anyone have any recommendations on a make and model of battery for replacement. Original has been good but thought it might be cheaper to go aftermarket than to the dealer. Thoughts?
  150. H

    Pat's Easy Change  Kubota BX25

    Before I order a Pat's easy change for by BX25 I was wondering if anybody else had used one on that model of Kubota and if so which category did you order. Thanks in advance!
  151. J

    BX25 new rear case......

    I went to pick up my tractor from the dealer Saturday. I immediately noticed the new rear case was not painted gray. They left it aluminum without any paint. Was I wrong to question why they didn't paint it. They said they never paint them....so I proceeded to ask them if they did ALL of...
  152. T

    BX25 for rent at a home Depot

    I went into my local HD last week and noticed a brand new BX25 on a trailer. Thought it may have belonged to a shopper inside. But then realized if was in the stores rental lineup. Thought it was interesting. I wonder how long before someone cuts the lock and" rents" it a midnight.
  153. Johnkn

    Trailer Ball Mount or Receiver Hitch to replace bucket on BX25

    Hi, does anyone make either a trailer ball mount or Receiver tube that could mount to the Quick Attach replacing the FEL on a BX25D? I'd like to use the BX for moving a trailer around and seems it would be much easier and comfortable to mount to the front of the tractor rather than the 3 point...

    18...Ordered/bought/traded/ for a BX25 at Barlows today

    Couldn't get over my old BX25. Miss it so much that I stopped by Barlows today and bought another one. None on the lot but Steve Barlow called last week to factory provided info that Barlows shipment is on the way. Should be in any day. Had to get a boxblade in order to spend $500 which reduced...
  155. D

    Oil & Fuel  300 hr bx25 pedal return to neutral adjustment.

    Does anyone have experience with this? I have greased and inspected the linkages and all is free and easy. The pedal seems to come back somewhat but then stops short of the last bit and the tractor keeps moving forward unless I step on reverse and get jerked real good. Also it hapens at varying...
  156. Johnkn

    Discount on new Kubota BX25?

    Greetings, getting ready to purchase my first new tractor, a BX25. When I build/price it online it's about $21.5k. When buying locally, what is a reasonable "deal"? Is ~10% off MSRP reasonable? I see Kubota offers $0 down and 0 financing for 5 years. Assuming 4% interest rate, that's...
  157. J


    I heard some clicking and thought it was a u-joint.......obviously not.......five minutes latter BAM! How did this happen?
  158. J

    BX25 trouble......

    I was using the PTO today and heard a clicking noise.....five minutes later, BAM! This cannot be good......any idea what happened here guys?
  159. B

    Oil & Fuel  Kubota BX25 Hydraulic Problem

    The other day I was using the bucket to lift and pile broken tree limbs. I had been using it couple hours or more doing this when all of sudden there as a high pressure spray leak of fluid from an area directly behind the engine, high up in an area I can not see by crawling under and looking up...
  160. Dpm708

    Backhoe  BX25 backhoe hose needs replacing

    Found a small nick about 4 in from the dist bloc on the boom piston extender hose. Can get at the piston fitting but how the he## do you get at the fitting on the dist bloc? Do you have to take all the others off just to fit a flare wrench on the fitting in question? Kubota hose $34.00. Local...
  161. J

    Metal mesh cage side mount type baggers on BX25

    Has anyone mounted a grass gobbler, accelerator, type metal side bagger on a BX25 or other SCUT tractor? If they work well on a walk behind they should work the same on a rider. The problem with ordering one online is the application charts to select the proper one and the mount bracket do...
  162. S

    BX25 for Creating Large Pond

    After getting my BX25 stuck in our newly discovered natural spring a few weeks ago, I got to thinking that it might be a good idea to use the groundwater for something useful. I am thinking that with some planning and engineering, I could probably re-work the earth to create a natural pond with...
  163. T

    Backhoe  Small Trench Bucket for Kubota BX25

    I've been searching for a trenching bucket for my BX25 that is smaller than the factory bucket. I need to run a lot of water lines and I don't want to move more dirt than neccesary. All my searching led me to nothing that looked great... So, I asked an engineer brother in-law of mine to design...
  164. Q

    First Report BX25

    My new toy was delivered yesterday evening. It was a rainy day, so i didn't really get a chance to play (much). My first project that I had planned was the removal of some tree stumps along the back part of the property, where I am replacing the fence. First stump, about 10" in diameter...
  165. S

    BX25 vs Natural Spring

    For the last four years, I have been using the BX25 around my 1-acre property for pretty light-duty work. It's been mostly grass cutting with the 54" deck with lots of FEL work. I've also got my money's worth out of the backhoe. Earlier this year, I picked up a Land Pride box blade, and so...
  166. sdd1986

    My BX25/BX25D Experience

    Just thought i would post my bx 25 bx 25d story. i live in north east Oklahoma and recently i have been trying to reduce my monthly bills. so i have been refinancing all of my loans and paying them down some with the extra money from all of the overtime ive been working lately. the other day i...
  167. Dpm708

    Buying Advice  8 inch backhoe bucket for BX25

    I know that there are many knowledgeable folks out there so instead of a big story of the pro's and con's of bucket size, I would just like to put forth the following: An 8" bucket would be useful to me. Local dealer MSRP is 450 to order one. Do all Kubota dealers read the same MSRP book? Would...
  168. G

    Kubota BX25 Backhoe (BT 601) Removal Issue

    I'm new to this forum, so apologies in advance if this is a mis-post. I purchased a new Kubota BX25D locally two months ago, and decided today to "simply" remove the backhoe, (so I could try out the post hole digger). I followed the instructions to the letter, engaging the swing arm lock pin...
  169. S

    Just When I Thought My BX25 Was Enough...

    Well, my BX25 is four years old and almost paid off. The bucket with the Piranha bar and backhoe have been worth their weight in gold, and the 48" box blade I got earlier this year has been wonderful. I use the MMM to cut my lawn which is just under an acre. It is the perfect tractor for what...
  170. T

    Flail Mower  Bush Hog 48 - seeking advice from someone familiar with attachment to Kubota BX25

    I found out about a used Bush Hog that has been sitting unused in a barn for some years. Don't know how old it is and haven't seen it yet. Spare used blade is with it, so thinking they must have busted one at some point and bought a new pair. When I go look at it, I would like to know what to...
  171. Code54

    Thinking of buying at bagger for my BX25

    I been looking at bagged options for my BX25D and am thinking hard about Kubotas bragger or a DR tow behind. I'm sort of leaning toward Kubotas rear system because it is pto powered and a bit more compact. I would like a used one just due to the price (have not seen one recently but not in a...
  172. T

    Fuel line routing under the seat - BX25

    I just got my tractor back from being repaired at the dealer. They had to replace the hydraulic pump to fix a horrible screeching noise it was making (that's a whole other story...) Anyway, when I got it back, a few things seemed to be out of place. Most notably was a fuel line that was...
  173. P

    TPSS switch on BX25

    Hello, Would anyone know if the kubota bx25 has a tpss switch option
  174. J

    Mowing  BX25 overheating while bush hogging

    Hello, newb here with a question. Please forgive me if this has already been asked as I couldn't find anything to answer my question when I searched. I have a BX25 and a County Line (TSC brand) 4' bush hog. I am cutting my field, about 6 acres, but my tractor keeps over heating. I have cut...
  175. S

    BX25: What a Workhorse

    I have a 100' driveway covered in stone. A double-wide gate opens to a stone covered path running alongside my garage and leading to my yard. Behind my garage is also covered in stone. All this stone keeps my Kubota from making muddy ruts as I travel in and out of my yard. I keep my Kubota under...
  176. T

    Bx25 to dig out a foundation wall?

    Been building and pricing my future scut purchase for my up coming projects. I know renting or paying is the best option but I have been thinking of adding a bh to my scut purchase. I do have a lot of small - medium sized stumps to remove and I have to do about 100? ft worth of trenching for...
  177. W

    Steering Universal Boot Protector? (BX25)

    I had a piece of 1/2" rebar laying around, so I cut it and placed it in the notch in the frame as you see in the picture. Do you think it's strong enough to act as a protector for the steering universal boots? And 2nd, any ideas on how to hold it in place? (other than welding) What are those...
  178. H

    BX25 Backhoe hose replacement cunundrum

    How the HE double hockey sticks do you get those fittings off of the distro box in the back bottom of my BX25 backhoe? The second fitting in on the right , bottom row, (when facing the box) has a split hose (yellow marker) (4 years old) how do you remove without some weird wrench? or is there...
  179. check

    Price Check  Deprceiation on a 2008 Kubota BX25

    Hi, guys, I need to figure out how much my 2008 Kubota BX25 with FEL, BH, and 3-pt. hitch depreciated each year, for income tax purposes. I will be able to use a standard Tax Dept. formula of 30% depreciation per year after about 3 years out (when I started to use it to earn income), but I need...
  180. P

    Kubota BX25

    Very happy with this tractor. I have the backhoe, loader, front mounted snow blower and mid-mounted mowing deck. No complaints from me yet. I am looking to buy some clamp on forks for the bucket but am hoping to get some feed back from here before purchasing. Here is what I am looking to buy...
  181. tractorgp

    Snow blowing 30+ inches BX25 Video

    I took this video after our last big snow storm. The video show me using my Kubota BX clearing snow from my neighbours driveway. I posted separately in the TBN Build-It-Yourself forum on how I made the magnetic camera mounts for the ROPS or any other magnetic mounting surface.
  182. J

    Relocate the BX25 fuel pump forward.

    I know that several people have done a nice job installing a better filter for the first fuel filter that is prior to the electric pump. And most route the fuel line forward to the new filter and then back again to the fuel pump left in its stock position under the tractor. But has anyone...
  183. cfedor

    Soon to be new 2013-14 BX25 owner

    Just want to chime in and say Hi!. As I have been an avid owner/operator of a 2003 ZD21, I have finally convinced the facilities committee that I work with as the property manager for our church that it is time to step up and get a multi purpose utility tractor to actually take care of business...
  184. S

    Need a 3-pt Hitch for the BX25

    I've had my BX25 for 4 years now without the need for a 3 point hitch. But now I am thinking about some rear implements, so I plan to pick one up soon. So my question is this: do I need to buy the Kubota OEM 3 point hitch, or are there aftermarket ones that would serve me better (more...
  185. P

    Cool BX25 Youtube

    Is this guy on here? Cool flick...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpU01M98qNw
  186. S

    Mowing  Installing brackets for new BX25 60" MMM by myself

    I am about to receive my new 60" MMM for my BX25. The dealer mentioned installation of "hanging brackets" and he wanted to know if I would be doing it or should he arrange for the shop to do it for me. Has anyone done this for themselves? I imagine it's a bolt-on project, but I don't really know...
  187. T

    Hydraulic cylinder hookup for BX25

    I'm looking to hook a dump cart up to my BX25 (with backhoe off, obviously), and want to get a sanity check on what I plan to do. I also have a question about size and type of hoses. First, here's what I've already got: Lion 40WH24-175 cylinder (at bottom of this page). The specs say it has...
  188. X

    BX25 - HST fan blade trashed

    I just completed 400hr service on my BX25D and found this little surprise. Yea. I had a bro-tech skid plate on too...if there is a will there is a way! :mad:
  189. W

    Dealer  Dealer sold me a used 2012 BX25 but advertised it as a used BX25D...

    This post is basically about this: If a dealer sells you a tractor he advertised as an "A" but really is a "B" being sold as an "A" and the buyer (me) really didn't know the difference at the time, is the dealer liable in any way? Is a Dealer responsible to KNOW what they are actually selling...
  190. F

    BX25 wheel spacers and Brotek skid plate installation

    I made some time this evening to play around with the tractor and install my Wheel Spacers and Skid Plate - both from Bro-tek. Both were well made, but the spacers are absolutely top notch. Perfectly machined. The skid plate was well made, but I did end up making a slight alteration to the...
  191. B

    Think I can unload my EA box blade? BX25 + BXpanded Forks

    Hi all, I'm about to order the 48" EA box blade and thinking about the residential delivery option ($80). They require I be around during a time window and able to unload the blade. I've got a BX25D with the BXpanded forks. The loader is good to 550-ish lbs at the bucket (and only under...
  192. P

    BX25 Quality Issues

    Looking at BX25D at the dealer yesterday and noticed a bad 12-18" of weld on the backhoe. My flip phone pics will not do it justice and if it had a good coat of paint on it it wouldn't be noticed, weld located to the bottom side of the large Kubota decal. My past job experience tells me most...
  193. HeLa


    some time ago i started searching for information regarding block heaters for my BX25. for one reason or another i found a variety of threads with more questions than answers and varying opinions on part numbers and installation locations. so here goes, from my experience today, to put the...
  194. Tachdriver

    BX25 drooping Out riggers

    I am tired and the bungie cords are tired of holding up my BX25 outriggers. Over time you all know they droop and land on the floor. . If you forget to look at them, they will drag when you take the 25 out, not good. I have my solution. No more drooping out riggers. So I made these retainers...

    No HELLO BX25 GOODBYE B2620!!!

    Didn't make the trade. Keeping B2620 FEL BH with 39 hours till someone gives me $19,250 for it. Reason for the $750 discount is because of the Kubota discount coupon I rec'd which I can use so passing the savings along. Did trade my B7100 1090 hours 4wd HST to Barlows. BH thumb and new 16' dual...
  196. P

    BX25 Thumb vs. Grapple

    BX25 Backhoe Thumb vs. Loader Grapple I know the grapple is much more versatile for it's designed used, but how easy is it to pick-up and drive with a small or large log with the BH thumb? What is the BH thumb's best use? Thanks
  197. L

    bx25 cooling fan reacement

    Anybody replaced the transmission cooling fan on the bx25? I a looking any hints as I have to replace mine. Thanks
  198. J

    New Curtis Cab 70 series BX25 , will it fit 60 series BX25?

    I have a 2008 BX25. I see that Curtis has a new part number cab for 70 series BX tractors, the steel door cab part number is 1KBX70AS. I like the design of it much better than the 1KBX25AS that they have had offered for the BX25, specifically the hard removable rear panel and the larger...
  199. GetALoadOfThat

    BX25 Cab

    So with 400 hrs and several winters on my BX25 I figure it's time to do a DIY cab. I've been on here for some time reading and looking at what others have done and while I do like to work with metal I don't currently have a welder so decided to follow another member (RAECOREP and his $300 Cab)...
  200. A


    I am shopping for a spare rear and front wheel assembly for my BX25. et e now what you have...