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    7610 Rear axle squeak

    My 7610 has developed a squeak whit each revolution of the rear wheel. It started in the fall and I put a breaker bar on the cinch nut and tightened it. It didn't take long for the squak to return. (I think having the rear chains on may have something to do with it) I called the dealer...
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    Hub loose on axle

    Hi all The rear wheel on my Kubota B7610 is making a squeak on every rotation of the axle. It appears that the hub is loose. I've already tried to tighten it with a wrwnch and a breaker bar. I'm told that there are a couple of splines or shims inside the hub, up against the hex axle. Any...
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    HELP! GL90 gear oil in old machine

    Any lube experts out there? I'm changing the oil in the gearbox of an old (late 60s) Yardman snobird snowblower....kinda Mom, when pregnant with me (I'm turning 40 in March), MADE Dad go out and buy a snowblower, "I'm not getting stuck in a snowstorm in labor"....imagine your...
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    Garage Heater

    Working on the Tractor last night was the last straw!!...I need a heater for my garage and quick. It's a typical suburban Garage. 2 car, sheetrocked, un-insulated, overhead doors, etc. I was looking online and has looking at Natural Gas Garage heaters like this: ProCom Vent-Free Natural Gas...
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    Gravely 30" rotary mower

    Has anyone got the manual on a 30" rotary mower? I need to change the oil in the gearbox. Can't recall for sure the weight of oil and capacity. I kinda recall my Dad doing it when I was a kid. Is it 90 weight gear oil? Do you fill it till the oil comes out the side vent? Please confirm. Is...
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    Plywood cary-all for the FEL???

    Hi, Need ideas for a large plywood "carry-all" that ties into my existing FEL bucket on my 7610. The little bucket is almost useless for bulk stuff.... I want to be able to carry a boatload of leaves, fallen sticks, grass clippings, maybe even cord wood....about the capacity of the large...
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    Selling MMM for 7610...need technical HELP

    Need some help here from someone with a service manual or experience. I want to sell my MMM (RCK60-24B) that I got last year with my 7610 (at my place in VT.) The tractor was delivered with FEL, MMM and a Brush Hog. I don't want to screw a potential buyer and want to deliver all the necessary...
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    Trailering 7610/Gross weight???

    Hi all- I want to bring my 7610 down from VT to NJ to regrade and do a new lawn and do some work at our church. I was recently "blessed" with the Buildings and grounds chairmanship. Tractor would be here 2 weeks then back north. I was thinking of renting a UHaul car trailer but they require a...
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    Snowblower Ultimate snowblower!

    Just stumbled on this whilst surfing. Talk about effeciency! Not really "compact Tractor" sized but well worth a gander. scroll halfway down the page and see the video:
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    Interesting FEL Snowplow on eBay

    Found this on eBay...interesting concept: Here's the link and a photo as the auction only has 24 hours left. Shortened Long URL MikePA: Please review your message before posting it. It's simple not to create a long link that widens the entire thread. Just insert a descriptive word or two...
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    Intro to welding video/class??

    All this welding talk has got me thinking that maybe I'll ask Santa for a basic welding outfit. (I can hear the wife,..."you'll burn your eyes out!!") Is there a good video for a fairly mechanical putz like me? Topics covered: 1) Oxy/acet, stick, and touching on Mig, Tig 2) Different kinds of...
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    Adapt 6ft snowplow to 3 pt hitch???

    Has anyone ever adapted a 6' jeep plow to their 3 point hitch? Any advice or photos? I'm thinking of putting Cat 1 pins thru the A frame and still being able to angle it. It would have to be pretty far back to clear the tires when angled 30 degrees. Will the lack of downward force on the 3...
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    Work lights on 7610

    I searched TBN for a work light solution for my 7610....not being equipped for metal fabrication and wanting a NO DRILL solution I scratched my head for a while. I added (2) 55 watt lights to the existing FOPS holes and snaked the wire down inside the rollbar. I have to fold the FOPS to get in...
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    Hock MMM for chipper?

    I already had a 52" Scag walk behind hydro. Why'd I get the 60" MMM for my 7610? I'm thinking of getting a Velke stand-on sulky for the Scag and selling the MMM for the 7610. I've got 3 grand tied up that could be put into a chipper. How badly will I lose my shirt on the trade.? I've mowed...
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    Kubota MMM mulching kit??

    My new 7610 has a 60" MMM RCK-24? (the non-suspended one). It is at my second home in VT and if I haven't been up in 3-4 weeks the grass is 6" tall and the MMM will deposit "furrows" of clippings 4" deep in the middle of the last swath. The factory angle of the discharge chute was obviously set...