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    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    I believe (if my memory is right) that the EPA made deletes illegal when DPF came out around 2012. Anything older could have the delete done.
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    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    Depends on where you live and what year the truck is.
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    Best Chainsaw Sharpener under $300

    I use the Ez-Lap diamond sharpener $11.90 at their website or $15.90 at Amazon Lets me sharpen on the bar in the field. I've used their 12V chainsaw sharpening kit for more...
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    Anyone Ever DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract?

    I'm on my 2nd batch of home made. First batch was made with cheapest vodka I could find, came out ok after one year after two years is much better. I used 6 beans (slit lengthwise) to 16 oz. This batch is same ratio but with Jim Beam Bourbon. Made 8 bottles. Used beer bottles that have a rubber...
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    Ads covering up the place.

    I'm using Privacy Badger and it blocked 3 trackers om this page, and Ad Blocker Ultimate which blocked 50, correction 68, ads and counting. Oh I'm logged in and I run Firefox on a W10 laptop.
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    Tires for 2016 Kubota BX25D

    Make sure you ask for 'Whole Goods" pricing. The salesman at my dealer had NO clue, I had to insist before he would even look. Not my place to teach a salesman how to do his job.
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    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    Unless you've done deletes. Then they're good to go.
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    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    The wall thickness of my SCUBA tanks (rated 2000#) is much thicker than a 20# propane tank and are pressure tested to 3000# every 5 years
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    Upgrading From the Dewalt 18V Platform

    Add Milwaukee to that list.
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    What trailer should I get for Kubota Tractor, and what should I pay?

    Several contractors near me told me to get white oak boards and after a year pour used engine oil on them, then wait a week before using. Local sawmill said the same thing and claimed I'd be looking at years and years of use before I'd need to think about replacement.
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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    ZTR has a much lower ROPS. Possibly because it's lower ti the ground?
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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    I've noticed that I much mow slower with the tractor than I do with a ZTR.
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    And yet another log splitter build

    I found this Wolf style wood splitter build - . This Polish guy is an amazing fabricator. The only problem is that it's visual only, with only a few closed captions. Watch for everything he makes:
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    Rear Blade Adjustment Preferences

    bgr, In your 7th paragraph ‘If you have gauge wheels’ you solved my biggest headache, I fight speed bumps every spring. With my back blade, every time the front tires go over the top of the ridge the blade lifts up creating a new ridge. The gauge wheels will shave the tops and fill the valleys...
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    Wood working clamps

    Have you thought about using a biscuit joiner?