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    my simple quick hitch

    I cut the end off the arm and welded an extension on it with a slot in it. I made the arm into a box with some 1/4 diamond plate I had.
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    Q. Replacing a (very) deep well

    Don't know if this will help anyone, but I found a couple of pictures from 25 years ago. To hold the pipe up while unscrewing each piece we used a 1/2" plate like the piece of paper in the third picture. Just slip it over the pipe and the coupling stops the pipe from falling while you unscrew...
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    Why Can't We Use Trailers Like This?

    I've always wondered why we can't pull trailers like the second one in the picture with our cars and pickups. They seem to work fine behind big rigs. Anybody know why?
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    Oroville Dam Pictures

    I saved these pictures from a video I recorded off an ABC news satellite TV feed. Feel free to post your own if you have them.
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    Bobbed Deuce

    Here's a 5 ton wrecker. The B&W picks have held up better than the color.
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    Bobbed Deuce

    Here's mine. OK I had to share it. Almost 50 years ago, I can't believe it.
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    Dad's Large Homemade Tractor

    Very impressive tractor. I ran a AC HD10 crawler with a 4-71 in it in the summer of 1963. I don't know if your Dad has gotten any replies from Australia, but I've built 2 tractors, the large one also in 1979. It's not as large as your Dad's but it's done a lot of work. It has a Chevy 230...
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    New Storage Tank - How to Protect My Fuel?

    I used 2" pipe with a reducer on each end. The desiccant beads turn red when they're used up so I installed a sight glass in the side so I know if they need replacing. I installed a 3 way valve so the tank can vent when being filled.
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    Diesel Seems To Be Having Problems in Europe

    I ran across this article today. Haven't they cleaned up their diesels like we have? Or maybe they're all VWs cheating on the emissions. Back to gasoline I guess. Amid smoggy days in London, growing calls to clean up Europe’s toxic air - The Washington Post
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    Vickers CM11-N02R20D-21 control valve

    I have the same valve on my tractor. On mine that bottom port is hooked to the tank. The power beyond port is on the other end. Yours may not have one, I've seen them without. I think you've found the problem, the power steering is doing something to deadhead the flow and the high pressure is...
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    homemade ripper

    I made this one for the sleeve hitch on my garden tractor. It lays wire a foot deep if it doesn't hit rocks too big. I used a 3/4" 90 deg electrical conduit bend and a pipe nipple. I added the plastic pipe reducer on top to act as a funnel. There's an arm to hold a wire reel. I buried 300' of...
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    Hydraulic Press

    Here's my 35 ton. I made it so I can bolt in small die sets and use it as a punch press.
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    air compressor magnetic starter/relay single phase

    Well I was bored, so I went out and measured the current on the capacitor leg. It's 22 amps no load, 20 amps full load. So obviously it's doing something. At no load the 240v draw is 11 amps. I used to be an electronics technician so you don't need to talk about guys pushing on a car. If I cared...
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    Bending a bucket cutting edge.

    This is an old county grader blade I heated and bent. I didn't quench it. I used to use the left corner to gouge crushed rock out of a road cut, so it's kind of beat up, but it's been on there for 35 years. A file just slides on it where it wasn't heated. I welded it with stainless rod.
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    Bridge Crane designs and ideas...38' span

    Just for fun, here's the 2000 ton crane at the third power house at Grand Coulee dam.