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    PTO Power Loss

    I have had that problem before but it was on a Ford 8830. The pto bearing was bad. In my situation anyway, the bearing would heat up and expand then bind up. After it cooled off it would work. it could be the same thing?
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    Stijl 500 Just a concept saw?

    I was looking for the fully fuel injected saw, that was why I was looking at the 500. I have a Husky 562 but oh just does not have any ponies to power through wood, but Stihls can be filed to make a bigger chip too, so I am sure a Smaller Stijl would be better than the Husky. Around here...
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    Canopy rather than Cab

    I mow the sides of the road for area towns so bees are a huge issue with me. I would kill for a cab!
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    Stijl 500 Just a concept saw?

    Yeah I did, but I’m working with industry to get our students hired they gave me an offer I could not refuse. I hate to admit it, but it is a lot less stress and literally twice the amount of money. It is crazy pay, but there is a half million shortage of welders in this country right now so...
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    30 ton excavator chain snapped

    Preheat will be a big part of the answer. I would use a temp stick and get it up to 350 degrees (f), get everything down to clean steel, then weld your way back out.
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    Stijl 500 Just a concept saw?

    I have have been out of touch for awhile, but was waiting for the Stijl 500 to come out before upgrading my junk Husky 562. I was looking on their website and see the Stijl 461 has been upgraded to a newer model but don’t see a 500 Stijl available yet. Does anyone know the deal on them?
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    3pt or Stand Alone Splitter

    You want to go with a stand alone splitter. Why put all those hours on a tractor engine that costs 6000 to replace when a stand alone engines replacement only costs $100?
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    Perkins 4.108 fuel fittings?

    Does anyone know what a Perkins would have for fuel fittings. It almost seems like they are A/N fittings but I am not sure. Auto places have not been any help. It originally came with plastic fuel lines with an olive type of nut on the fuel line to make the connection but the mechanical fuel...
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    220V Plused spray MIG welders?

    Pulsed welding is a different animal all together, but once you get it, we’ll...I will just say it, it is better than sex! it is not for better welds but rather to allow the welder to reduce the heat and thus distortion going into the base metal. It has a slower deposition rate over spray...
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    Canopy rather than Cab

    I operate a canopy tractor from July 3rd thru September 9th, and it sucks! One word, BEES!!!
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    Seeking tractor advice

    One thing to keep in mind is, the bigger the tire, the easier they are to change. This is true of tractor tires too. It is hard to describe here, but I break my tires down with a jack. A floor jack works best, but other jacks do work. You just need to chain the jack down to the rim, then make...
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    Project Apartment: Best Investment Direction Question

    We have a decent house here, and have improved it to the point where every room of the house has been modernized and would meet "Property Brothers" or "Chip and Joanna Ganes" standards. By that I mean, double vanities, double kitchen sinks, a huge great room, wide barn flooring throughout...
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    Ok, which one of y'all did this

    I love it...a man after my own heart! And as seen on the make it yourself sub-forum, YES this is something I cobbled together, and it did work. Nothing like a generator and an electric fan to make a ditch mower!
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    A different View of Safety

    The topic of safety is an interesting one I guess, because I have a different approach to life... I grew up riding the fenders of tractors, and my farmer-neighbors never once shooed me away, or even mentioned liability concerns. But then again, that is why I am a farmer, and mind you, not one...
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    3pt spreader or planter

    Granted this is a two person job, but what else would my wife do besides raise 4 children, work as a nurse, and be part-time farmer, but drive the tractor when needed? :laughing: The biggest field I have done is 10 acres with this method, but it actually works pretty good considering I have...