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    Winter storage

    I've been storing my 1959 M-F 50 outside for 25 years without any problems ! I do make sure it is covered when I know it's going to rain or snow , Because water or moisture will get in around the shifter boots even if they are new & it's good idea to keep a block of wood with the clutch...
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    MF Maintenance Package for Filters & Fluids

    Sounds great! That's exactly how I will do mine & you get to take your time doing it & get to do it right every time.
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    MF Maintenance Package for Filters & Fluids

    I bought all the filters that I thought I needed when I went to pick up my tractor new & they didn't offer a package deal & I do see Items for sale on E-Bay as far as filters but at the time I looked there was no package deals & there where a few twin packs on filters ! Now on the trans. filter...
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    Wood splitters

    Sounds great & I hope You get allot of safe trouble free years out of your new implement ! Have fun & be safe doing it.
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    Wood splitters

    Hey Darren33 ! I just wanted to put in that I've been using a 3 point hydraulic 25 ton log spliter for over 20 years with no problems & I bought it from Northern Tools & you can split wood horizontal or vertical & I prefer vertical that way I just roll the rounds into place & there is no real...
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    Electronic Ignition for M-F with Continental gasoline engines

    On my M-F 50 I just replaced the piston rings & the valve stem seals & she has been running fine since then & that was a little over 20 years ago & a little blow by is quite normal.
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    Electronic Ignition for M-F with Continental gasoline engines

    Sounds like a good deal! I Put a set of these in all 3 of my classic automobiles before I put them in my M-F 50 & I put a set in a boat as well never had any issues with them & they are very reliable & they have been installed for over 20 years on all 5 applications (y).
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    Massey 50 PTO

    Hey that's good to hear! & I'm glad your system is back up , That must be a real nice M-F 50 to take it to the county fair :cool:! & I guess that's a good thing if You like working on tractors:unsure:, & thanks for the reply.
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    Hello from Franklin county Va

    Hey Drfting ! Welcome to TBN & I like your M-F GC 1725 MB & that your a Virginian , My brother picked up his 1st tractor ever this year & it's a M-F GC 1723 EB & he also owns a couple of Cubs himself & lives in Greene County Va. Again welcome to TBN & the Massey-Ferguson family, I own a couple...
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    Massey 50 PTO

    Hey Johnret ! That's good news all around on your health & the M-F 50 I hope both of you stay healthy & I like to see a picture of your M-F 50 & whether it's a gasoline or diesel. & again glad all is well (y).
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    Massey 1526

    Got have a little input on the subject ! When I originally bought my M-F 1526 I also was on the fence between this tractor & a GC series & granted engine HP is almost the same on the the higher end GC 1725 but it has less at the PTO & less lift height on the FEL & after all it is SCUT & the...
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    Service manual or little help is needed

    Hey Ruud3a ! Good to hear from You if the Iseki is not using allot of oil then it should be the oil pressure sensor or the oil pick-up at the sump could be restricted & as You said we will find out soon & lets hope it's something simple :unsure:! Take it easy yourself & be safe & have fun doing...
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    Finally a massey owner

    Hey congratulations & welcome to the Massey-Ferguson family :cool: ! My brother bought his 1st tractor this year & it was a M-F GC 1723 EB & like You he loves it & has no regrets & that M-F = Mighty-Fine. & that is a nice piece of equipment have there ,& I've been quite happy with both of my...
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    Price Check Massey ferguson 1010

    Looks like Your getting as much info that you can on the M-F 1010 ;)! Where are You at on finding a good parts source & is the M-F 1010 running:unsure:? Take care & it was good to hear from You.
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    No longer looking for reviews! Bought a 2850M!

    Sounds like it's working properly (y).