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    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    I would like to have seen the teeth on each blade after the last test. I was surprised how many blades showed signs of chipping after such short use. I was leaning towards getting another Evolution blade but the Diablo was also on my list. In part because they are made in japan and Italy...
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    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    14" is the standard size while 15" is an optional size. But I think only Evolution makes a blade that size. I think the chipped teeth happened from cutting thin metal. Even when new the blade seems to throw off sparks so I put almost no pressure on the blade.
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    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    The blade on my Evolution 380 has a number of chipped carbide teeth and several that are missing. So it looks like it's time to replace it. It looks like several choices. Does anyone have an opinion on which blade is worth getting. For the most part I only cut thicker steel. Is it worth...
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    When to plane rough cut lumber?

    I had some green rough cut red maple that I tried to dry but at the time I didn't have an open area. Before it could dry powder post beetles got to it. It takes plenty of air movement around the wood to remove the moisture. Too little and mold and infestation will result. I don't know if...
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    Kubota overheated!

    Seems like a remote pressure gauge might be worthwhile to monitor the cooling system. It would be useful to know if it's too high (pointing to a broken radiator cap) or too low (a fluid leak). It even could point to a bad head gasket if the pressure is bouncing. As for the OP I would...
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    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    Just remember that you may run the tire at 4 psi but once you debead the tire you'll need more pressure to mount it again. If it's that big of a gash a patch may not be enough to keep the tube inside the tire while trying to seat it. I don't know how close they are to you but Pete's Tire Barn...
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    Kubota overheated!

    I'm guessing thick weeds means your radiator most likely needs to be cleaned out. I would change the engine oil and send out a sample of the old oil for analysis. They will easily tell you things like antifreeze level in the oil and bearing wear.
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    For gas I have valve stems. For diesel (which I don't do very often) I use round plastic racing gas cans. The hole in the top is about the size of a tennis ball. The caps have the ability to have a flexible tube added to them (I think 3/4") but I just use them with a huge funnel. It takes...
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Sorry but the dealer should have easily caught this. Every cashier's check has the name of the bank and a phone number on it. It's not like the second he walks out the door he's gone. He still has to load the tractor. Someone should have been calling the bank to confirm it's legit. In...
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    Premium UDT Oil for Kubota

    I was going to order some from Messick's a few years ago but the shipping was a killer. I paid more per gallon at a local dealer and had to pick it up vs being dropped off but the savings were worth it.
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    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I've had the 18v now for about 10 years now. No problems. I don't have any M12 tools so it was an easy choice. It doesn't use much power so even the smallest capacity battery is more than enough unless you're doing a fleet. Hopefully you got the plastic case. It's really nice to keep the...
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    How to use all of this sawdust?

    I've looked into it, not so much for sawdust but for wood chips. The stuff you put into the mill has to be very fine. Usually you need to get a hammer mill to break it down before it can be formed into a pellet. Even sawdust from a lumber mill may not be fine enough depending on what types of...
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    Diesel prices take a jump yet again

    With all this talk about record high diesel and gas prices and how big oil is raking in profits what's missed is the biggest winner. States and federal government. A number of states tax fuel with a percent tax vs a fixed amount per gallon. Even the states that don't are still making more...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Tomorrow I'm sure some of us will find out. I'm trying to decide if I drive an hour and a half to a HF or just order on-line. If I drive I can cross a few other things off my list and I can there's a couple of nice restaurants near it but it'll eat up close to a tank of gas burn the better...
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    2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

    Gone are the days when you had to climb into the engine bay to work on a pickup. The engineering problem with those old square body GMs were you couldn't reach the plugs unless you were 6'10". Now, with so much extra junk under the hood pulling the cab is just easier. Plus it makes it more...