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    Gravel, rock price Cleveland Texas?

    delete please wrong forum sorry delete please
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    Brought home a 68 4500

    It has the 201 3 cyl diesel. 8 spd trans. Has a Massey model 34 loader. I like it so far, have had it a couple weeks. I replaced all the injector return hoses that were leaking and changed the eng oil and filter. Also made a new battery tray out of 3/16 plate and installed a new muffler...
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    Helped a friend on Sip construction

    Went and helped a friend I work with and one of his sons and a 19 yr old grandson. He is building a house with SIP panels. The house has 14 foot sidewalls and 22 foot peak and the garage behind it is 8 or 9 feet high sidewalls. We put up 6 panels this afternoon, they are about 8 ft wide. The...
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    Coral snake chased my friend on my property!

    Thursday my friend jeff was working on at my place- 8.5 acres between Cleveland and Coldspring Tx. I was out of town and he told me what happened when I got back. He had trimmed some trees over my driveway gate and then walked back into the property to continue some clearing we had started...
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    Concrete price down any? TX?

    Im wondering if anyone has bought any concrete lately? What did it run? Heard a rumor that it will be coming down in the near future. Im in SE Tx. Will make a few calls tomorrow when concrete places are open. dave
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    Just got a 1988 2072 , $300!

    Hello, This was on CL locally and I tried to resist but its just too cool, had to have it! I dont even need it yet. Its funny im 43 years old and this is the first riding lawn mower I have ever owned :confused2: :D Runs great, no leaks. The power steering works great, drives great, needs some...
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    Medium duty insurance and tags cost Texas?

    Hello, Wondered if anyone has an idea how much ins and plates would cost on a 23,000 or 25,990 lb hydraulic brake med duty truck. International or Chevy -Gmc topkick style. For personal use, liability only - truck will be old and wont need colision coverage. Me - 43 years old , no claims...
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    Best trimmer w steel brush blade?

    Hello, I figured you all would know what model is best , gas handheld weed trimmer that will accept an attachment with a steel blade for cutting brush and small saplings ? I just need something to enable me to cut stuff to walk through my property and stake out where I want the tree clearing...
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    5th wheel hitch height?

    Hi, Wanted to ask - With the 5th wheel plate level what is approx the height from the truck bed floor to the hitch plate surface or how many inches below the bedsides would be normal? I got a used reese 20k dual pivot hitch but not the mounts. Thanks, Dave
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    SemiTruck hitch hook to campertype 5th wheel?

    Just bought a flatbed trailer and it has a fifth wheel type hitch pin on it, Will my buddys Semi hook up to it to drag it to my house. Forgot to measure it when I was there this morning, it is 40 miles from the house. They will deliver it for $200. Thanks, Dave
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    A different steel frame method-garage

    What do you all think about this guys method- Used a Long steel bar joist at the peak of his building? I like it and am considering using it since I can get a salvaged 44 to 50 ft joist locally for cheap.
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    Lean to- roof truss question

    Hi, Im going to build a lean to along the side of a 44 foot long steel pole , pole building. Question is What kind of steel truss to use that will take the 24 foot span and how many trusses- On center distance ? 8 inch C channel Perlins? , Welded and triangulated parallel beams ? I want...
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    Truck Gin Pole tube size

    Hi, Gonna start on a pole barn in a few weeks so Im going to build a 20 foot gin pole A-frame hoist for the back of my 85 chevy ex-military K30 4x4. I will need to lift 600 pound poles. I would like to be able to lift 900 or 1000lbs. Im thinking round 4 inch dia .120 wall thickness, And...
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    Brush, Tree mulching needed in SE Texas

    Hi, It seems like the mulching people frequent this section of the board so I figured I would ask if anyone has names and numbers or connections to mulchers and land clearers in the area of Cleveland and Coldspring Texas zip 77328 . Thanks, Dave
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    Electric winch to lift dump trailer?

    Hi, I have been contemplating building a dump trailer and thinking about using an electric winch to lift the front of the dump box , seems like it would be simpler and easier than hydraulic. Maybe put the winch low at the front of the trailer and run the cable up to a pulley mounted on a...