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    Trailer hub covers

    my solution..............courtesy of Henry Ford
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    Tractor Transported Wanted

    Looking for someone who can transport a small Volvo T 425 farm tractor from Northern California (Gridley, Ca. 95948) to Cambridge, Ohio (43725) for a reasonable fee. Tractor dimensions as follows: 10' long, 64" wide, 53" tall, weight: 2900 lbs. Tractor is operable. Can accept delivery at...
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    DIC upgrade for GM pickups

    Anyone out there with a 2007 to 2013 GM pickup that isn't familiar with the Driver Information Center with the optional 4 switches for the listed year pickups should check it out. Available through GM dealers and other suppliers is a new panel that replaces the existing panel directly to the...
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    Balancing Trailer Tires

    I've always balanced my trailer tires. Thought it was a good idea just as balancing vehicle tires. Increased tire life and smoother riding trailer with a load or without a load. Recently in a tire job and was surprised to hear that most people do not. Any comments appreciated...........
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    To the 343 FDNY firefighters lost 9 years ago today, R.I.P.
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    Old but unopened ATF

    I have a few unopened containers of automatic transmission fluid (Dextron) from the mid 90's. Is it O.K. to use if needed? Didn't know if it degrades after a while. Thanks
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    Rear blade and landscape rake for sale

    6 foot grader blade and 6 foot landscape rake for tractor 3 point hitch for sale. Catagory 1. Purchased from Tractor Supply Co. in 2007. Very good condition. $350.00 for both. Cambridge, Ohio. 740-439-4175.
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    Kubota MX5100 rear blade

    Can a Kubota MX5100 (50hp) handle a 7 foot rear grader blade? Will be used for snow removal. Manual says 72 inch maximum! Kind of surprised! You would think a 50 hp tractor could handle more than a 6 footer. Maybe a misprint? Jim
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    MX5100 oil change info please

    I normally use Shell Rotella T. The manual that came with my new MX5100 states: The CJ-4 engine oil is intended for DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) type engines, and cannot be used on this tractor. Rotella T is CJ-4 rated. What oil can I use in this tractor? Thanks, Jim
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    MX5100 or MX4700?

    Which would you choose? Same tractor. 5100 has turbo and 50 hp and the 4700 non turbo and 46 hp. Telescoping 3 point links on the 5100 and non telescoping on the 4700. 4700 $1k cheaper. Thanks for the input. Jim
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    Does a tractor with a turbo help fuel economy or hurt fuel economy? Thanks.
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    Kubota L3400HST

    Selling our Kubota L3400HST with FEL. Purchased new in January 09. 87 hours and in pristine condition. Stored indoors since new. $14,000. Cambridge, Ohio. 740-439-4175.
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    FST or Glideshift

    Looking at a new Kubota L3940. FST or Glideshift. Any thoughts on the transmissions. Thanks.
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    Weight Distribution Hitches

    How many of you tractor guys or gals use them?