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    Love At First Sight

    The Youtuber "Project Farm" did a comparison on different filter brands including K&N.. IIRC the K&N let all kinds of small particles come thru. NOT GOOD for any engine to have that much grit (any grit is bad) ingested.
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    Need opinions 2016 Chevrolet 2500HD

    I have had 4 vehicles with 4 WD (currently have a 2007 Chevy Z71 and a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have not used the 4 WD in my pickup in years (no need for it) but it is there just in case. I grew up on a farm and we never used anything but 2 WD trucks. Tractors were always available if the...
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    Love At First Sight

    Second that on checking ALL bolts on that tractor especially the wheel lug bolts and all mounting frame bolts for the FEL. Recheck them all again after about 50 hours of operation. When I got my LS, I found several bolts that were not even finger tight. Pay close attention to any bolt that...
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    Shear Bolt Broke On New Deck. PTO Shaft & Gear Box Holes Don't Align.

    If punch fails, try drilling out the holes from both sides using a 1/2" drill bit.
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    Shear Bolt Broke On New Deck. PTO Shaft & Gear Box Holes Don't Align.

    It is obvious that part of the sheared bolt is stuck in the hole. Find a punch of equal or a bit smaller than the hole and try to drive out the stuck piece of bolt.
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    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    I think you are going to find a mixed bag between those with a cab and without one. Nothing beats mowing in dusty conditions while sitting in an AC cab listening to some tunes. Much of the negative about operating in the woods can be mitigated by trimming up the limbs or just watching for low...
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    Strange things your pets do...

    My German Shepherd has to take medicine for an allergy. Most of the time, my wife hands me the pills to give to him. I tell him its time for your medicine "open your mouth" and he just opens his mouth and waits for me to push the pills behind his tongue. He also seems to have a clock inside...
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    Need advice on gussets / bracing

    I think the OP is trying to prevent a bend from happening because he has seen them bent on other FEL's. I dont think I have ever seen the dog leg bent, but I have seen some cylinder rods bent.
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    Need advice on gussets / bracing

    Also in regards to your 7018 rods. If they arent rusty then they can be reconditioned. Just pop then in your oven at highest setting (500F) and let them cook for at least 2 hours after oven has reached temperature. NOTE: just put them in a cold oven and bring it up to temp, let rods soak at...
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    Need advice on gussets / bracing

    This is the best idea, bend the 3/8" plate and weld it to the outside edge of the outside link. One side of each link should be sufficient to adequately strengthen the set. Welding structural steel with 6011 or 6010 is not the best rod for the process but might work for a while. Avoid leaving...
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    What is a warranty worth?

    If you buy a plasma cutter/ TIG/ stick multi-process machine with 3 year warranty and it craps out after less than an hour of use and it cost you $160 to get it repaired, how much is that big 3 year warranty worth. I just got the bill back from Everlast repair shop to repair my machine which...
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    Deckover vs standard equipment trailer

    My car hauler deck looses nothing in width to the fenders and it is lower to the ground than a deck over.
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    More pond damage shows up

    A few month ago I posted about my daughter letting my Kubota RTV 900 get into the pond because she didn't set the park brake. Well today another item showed up. The starter just stopped working, started drove 50 yards and then it wouldn't start. Took it off and it was all rusted inside and...
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    What a difference a large tractor makes!

    It is good to have big and little. I do most of my work with the little Kubota. But when it comes to moving, pulling, dragging, etc. it is the LS that goes to work.
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    Something to tear up sod

    I would just use a box blade scarifiers set to depth wanted. Tilt it forward by shortening the top link so the blade isn't touching. Or you could use this (Photo below)