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    The Kubota 7040 seems to be an awfully popular tractor used by the road right-of-way mowing folks in my area. I'll have to look to see what size mowers they pull. Some of the previous posts mentioned that the two different transmission options also differ in hydraulic flow. That might be more...
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    Nice innovation from ford.

    They keep adding some pretty cool technological functions. Some seem really useful and some others are gimmicky. I do wish I had the Ford package that allows you to add trailer TPMS sensors to the trucks system. Right now, I use a separate TireMinder system for my trailer. Being able to...
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    Now able to move tractor from backhoe position. Push Button, 3D Parts, Should have come from the factory this way.

    I use the dipper to move too. I assume everyone does it like this. I put the tractor in neutral and make sure the front wheels are straight. I put the FEL bucket down until it barely touches. Then when I put the outriggers down, I lift the rear off the ground, so it actually presses the FEL...
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    Guys like this are what gives diesel a bad name

    I can't stand seeing these fools that delete the emissions equipment and re-tune their diesels so they'll blow black smoke when they step on the throttle. What's the point? Nothing says "immature idiot" to me more that that. It's the same when a contractor pulls up with a decked out, top of...
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    I was going to say "I bet that's a handful to shoot", then noticed the blood on the backstrap. That's a good bear gun for backpacking though.
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    Why do I want to buy a pre-Tier4 tractor?

    I'd prefer my tractor be as simple as possible. There's already enough headaches keeping machinery maintained and working. Any potential problems with the emissions equipment on tractors is likely exacerbated because they're likely to sit days/weeks between uses for the average owner and...
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    You can't go wrong with a S&W Airweight in .38spl +P like a Model 642.
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    What tires are on your truck?

    My 2020 Superduty came with Goodyear Kevlar tires. I have 35K on them. They get good traction and are fairly quiet, but I bet I only get 50K out of them. I'd probably buy them again if priced right, but I usually like Michelin for a good quality tire. I have a friend that has 75K on some...
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    Anyone like traffic circles-roundabouts?

    I grew up in Auburn, MA and knew Kelly Square in Worcester. The new design actually does look like an improvement.
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    Wheel bearing grease for small trailers?

    Both of my trailers have bearing buddies. I agree that they're a must-have.
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    Meat Grinder recommendations

    I'm not sure if they're top of the line, it seems like there are a couple other brands that are true commercial, but they definitely seem like they cross into the commercial domain of more robust build and features. Seems like they're heavy homeowner, light to mid commercial. JJP We have a...
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    Meat Grinder recommendations

    Wow, those Weston units really seem nice. Definitely a step above what I've been using. While searching Weston, I came across this meat processing equipment supplier. They seem to carry top notch professional equipment at all price points. Meat Processing Products
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    Meat Grinder recommendations

    I'm like Moss, sometimes I find a great deal and I'll buy some bulk product and then divide it. I've also been making bulk batches of stuff, like venison chili, and then freeze into smaller portions. The frozen portions are great when I go camping or to the deer lease because they act like ice...
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    Meat Grinder recommendations

    Eddie, I have all my meat processed, so I haven't needed one but I would think any of the LEM or Cabelas Commercial models, probably 3/4 or 1HP. Both seem to have spare parts available and get good reviews. I know you do a lot of food processing, do you have a good vacuum sealer? I have a...
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    Wheel bearing grease for small trailers?

    Mystik JT-6 High temp red grease is all I ever use. It has a GC-LB rating that says it's good for bearings and chassis.