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    Gas powered water pump questions

    Yep I save a gallon of seed back every year after I shell it to replant. I haven't bought popcorn seed for probably 6-7 years now.
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    I don't disagree with you at all and in fact I do use soaker hoses in my cantaloupe and watermelon patch. One of my biggest areas of need though is a relatively good sized popcorn patch. At the distance I plant my rows I'd need over 600' of soaker hose just for the patch, plus it's another 200'...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    Outstanding, thanks. This has been a super helpful conversation for a newbie to the world of water pumps. I told my wife I was looking for a water cannon that would just shoot the water over the barn onto the garden 500' away and she just looked at me with the rolled eyes and said, that ain't...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    Awesome, yes, thanks for your insight. The stink of it is that *usually* our climate is such that I don't need to irrigate much at all, and if I need to do some I'm not concerned about the well in a normal year. So far, this has not been a normal year by far. I got .5" of rain in the entire...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    Thanks, as you can see I don't know much about this stuff - and living out in the country for so long I feel dumb that I don't know :). Anyway, I probably should have just left out the part about watering off the well because I really just wanted to investigate what it would take to utilize a...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    Thank you all, these replies have been super helpful. So now I have another newbie question. Would I have to run the same size discharge pipe/hose the whole way (500') and put hose bibs in where I need them or can I neck down to a 3/4" garden hose off of the discharge pipe? Would that put...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    Thanks for you helpful replies. The pump would be right at the pond and have no more than 2' of lift, maybe not even that. If getting it to the gardens isn't a problem, then I can deal with some loss of pressure. I am pretty confident that I'd still be left with way more pressure than I...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    I am new to the world of water pumps (as you will see), never have owned one. Not new to country living though. Here in Virginia we're suffering through a drought and my gardens are withering. I have been watering from our well sparingly to keep things alive but I don't want to do that too...
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    Traction Deere 4710 MFWD not engaging

    I have a 2003 4710 e-Hydro with a 460 loader and 330 hours on it. I bought it at an auction this summer and so far have just used it for light bush hogging and haying on level pasture. I have not tried to (or needed to) engage the MFWD for a while. Soon after I bought it I hit the MFWD button...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating bucket vs. front mounted 3-position blade

    I live in VA and winter is coming fast upon us. I have a JD 4710 MFWD with a 460 FEL and Hydro trans. This is my first tractor I bought this summer and have not had it through a winter yet. I've been on tractors all my life for doing general farm work but not for snow removal. My machine came...
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    Tiller Long tiller, requesting info please

    there is a Long 5' tiller coming up for auction in my area in a few weeks. I have attached pictures. I don't know the model number because the auction house doesn't know it and I can't preview it yet. My question is, can anyone identify the model of it from the pics? All I'm really trying to...
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    Mowing Deere 4710 and LX6 cutter question

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used Deere LX6 cutter from an individual that I intend to use behind my Deere 4710. I cannot easily take my tractor to that place to hook it up and try it out, he says it works great but who knows. I have two questions (well, maybe three depending on how you...
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    Buying Advice Deere 4700 "plastic" body parts

    Yesterday I went to look at a used 2000 JD 4700 with 1800 hours on it, FEL, PowerReverser tranny. The tractor ran and sounded good, all the fluids were clean, the FEL control stick was somewhat tight I thought and the loader was quite slow but no leaks. The clutch was strong - overall a good...
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    Looking at a used Deere 5310 - a few questions

    Forgive me if this isn't all exactly in the right forum. I looked a used 2000 JD 5310 with 1207 hours. It had the 9x3 SS trans and 540 FEL. Tires have some life but are 50% or more worn. I tried it out in all the gears, forward and reverse, and it shifted easily and handled great. The...
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    Opinions wanted: NH Boomer 3040 used, LS R3039 new

    My wife and I recently purchased her grandfather's 80-acre farm, mostly pasture, and I'm in the market for a 4WD utility tractor with FEL. We had an Allis 5040 with no FEL that only started and sometimes ran on certain moon phases. That went goodbye at the auction. My limit to spend, $15-18K...