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    Another part needed for MF 3 baler

    For what it's worth, i did wind up at a local machine shop. They fixed the bearings onto the stock for me. Its held up through 3 more years so far. Just finished baling my last field yesterday and now my horses are ready for the winter.
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    Need help on wheel width of NH 316

    Thanks for the response. For anyone referencing this question in the future, the answer to the question is - technically no. The baler doesn't fit on a 102" rollback in the traditional sense. The wheels won't both roll up on the deck. But, I did get it hauled on the rollback. The driver...
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    Need help on wheel width of NH 316

    I just bought a NH 316 square baler and am hoping to have it picked up and brought home by a rollback. It is about 90 miles away and I'd have to drive through a good sized city to bring it back. Also, I have broken down on the side of the road with a baler before and don't want to do that...
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    Did my first weld cold turkey

    Congrats on your first welding experience. I first got my feet wet by making a fence for myself at a buddy's shop. He gave me a 2 minute tutorial with a old miller mig machine and then turned me loose. It is a fun skill to learn. This is what I made: about 185 feet of fence in 2 weeks of...
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    Reconditioning the cutter bar on my NH451

    Oh yeah, all that mentioning of your 225 pound anvil makes me jealous:giggle: mine are only around 85 pounds.
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    Reconditioning the cutter bar on my NH451

    I'm just before doing the refurbishment on my NH451. I ordered the guards today from Messicks. I decided to go with New Holland guards but I wonder if I just wasted money going OEM instead of aftermarket. Any thoughts aftermarket guards versus OEM? Also, I have one of those new fangled rivet...
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    Spline lube?

    Plus 1 on the anti-sieze.
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    New B2401

    I've been thinking strongly about getting a B2401 with backhoe. I'd like to hear if anybody has seen that combination.
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    Ordered a set of R14’s for the BX

    Did the new tires actually increase your ground clearance?
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    Ford 8N or similar older types

    I preferred Farmalls myself. I have two friends with 8n tractors and they are always having to fix something. But, for some folks, the tinkering is part of the appeal in a vintage machine.
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    z turn advice

    I'm not familiar with that particular mower but maybe the guy is in the same boat as me. I recently bought a kubota zg222 from a friend and sold it pretty quickly. Main reason is it was so incredibly dusty that I hated using the machine. I went back to my old rider too.
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    Curious Oil drip on zg222

    I recently bought a kubota zg222 mower with the fabricated deck from a friend. I've done all the fluid and filter changes necessary for the 200 hour mark. I do not like how the mower slings so much dirt out from under the deck but I've been putting up with it for now. I noticed the cut was...
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    Is a BCS 715 worth anything?

    Here's a picture of the gear shifter indicator on my 720.
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    Kubota brand radiator hose or aftermarket

    I'm needing to service the antifreeze in my M6800. I was planning on changing the hoses as well. I have sourced the hoses and 2 out of 3 are not in stock online at Messicks. I can buy them now at a fraction of the cost if I buy aftermarket. As long as the angles of the hoses is correct, is...
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    ZG222 zero turn mower - Good, bad, or ugly?

    Here's the backgound: I have a friend who inherited a ZG 222 mower with 198 hours on it. He has tried it a couple times and cannot get used to using a zero turn and says he doesnt want to try at his age of 75 years old. I have never owned a zero turn but have used this one a couple times. I...