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    Best Way to Weld Aluminum

    Buy a big bottle of argon and it could last years if you really do not weld much. I do not tig much but I think I have swapped out the argon tank once. I have a bottle about 4 foot tall which last a while for as little as I weld. Same size bottle for my tig and mig welders. Swapped out the mig...
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    Round Bale Weights?

    Not necessarily an answer to the question. I move 4x round bales with my JD 870 tractor. Not sure if they are bigger than 5 foot. We generally buy rye grass hay which will be light round bales. Fescue or bermuda is a bit heavier than the rye hay. When handling heavy fescue or bermuda squares I...
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    JD750 Fuel Issues? Water contamination?

    I got a bunch of crud in my 870 tank. I had problems with tractor running. Taking out tank I think involves removing roll cage. A few filter changes of the water separator and maybe some blowing out fixed that problem. My tank was all metal by the way. I did make a new fuel cap gasket from some...
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    1.5 inch flexible aluminum conduit

    I used lots of 1/2" and 3/4" to wire my barn. Well technically not lots as the barn is only 35x72. Just wired receptacles and lighting fixtures. For me running thin wall rigid conduit would be more attractive then running flex conduit. Of course behind the walls no one sees. On the other hand...
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    01'JD 4110 how to check alternator?

    Remove alternator and have it checked at parts store. Disconnecting battery cable when engine is running is not a good way to test an alternator. I bought a tractor battery a few months ago and it was $150. Last car battery was $200. Could be a bad voltage regulator. Could be bad wiring...
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    Hay field improvement ideas.

    Where I live the wrong tools will pull up rocks. The smooth pasture turns rough, horrible sounds when cutting rocks, unless someone picks up the rocks, holes in dirt from rocks removed.
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    Cleaning up grease/oil with a "water based" cleaner/solvent. Got a "Best in Class"?

    I have a a small spray can I fill with mineral spirits. Works for me. The add water to dilute cleaners work ok. Krud Cutter, Purple Stuff and the like are harder on my hands.
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    Woodland Mills WC68 Chipper Clogging on Pine Branches

    I have the same chipper. I engage the pto at low idle and take it right up to PTO speed 540 marked on the tachometer. I have not done a lot of fresh pine but I did some fresh cut test longer leaf pine branches no issue. Another person mentioned the same thing, run proper PTO RPM. My high...
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    Trailer loading plan..

    Have you done the weight distribution measuring? I assume and could be wrong that my tractor with loader and the 5 foot brush cutter attached to the 3 point hitch with the cutter the last thing on the trailer has the weight more tongue heavy which is preferred to butt heavy. My ideal trailer...
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    How to successfully fix a John Deere 870 stuck clutch

    Creep on a tractor sometime has pictures for folks. Turtle for slow or creep, rabbit for fast. Or look on your right fender 1-1 has a real slow ground speed. 3-3 has a fast ground speed. 3-3 which might also be referred to as 9th gear does allow that break the clutch free with high torque at the...
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    Perplexed - loss of power during day, more power at night.

    You also cleaned the water separator? My baby Deere tractor has a separator near the fuel tank that gets clogged up. Another fuel filter closer to the fuel pump. That does not explain liking cooler weather. I replaced my air filter after blowing out a few times. I could see a good bit of bright...
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    Oil change intervals

    People forget that as someone mentioned severe duty. Driving the car 5 miles in Atlanta to work is not as hard on oil as driving 5 miles to work in Cleveland Ohio. Not sure how many miles are on my car. I have a good idea though. The odometer stopped counting at 1 million kilometers. That is...
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    8 n tractor

    Change condensor until you find a good one. Maybe something else.
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    2022 JD 3039 R Seat Switch

    This does not make sense. You cannot use a wood chipper if you have to sit in the cab because of seat switch. Doesn't it list the 3039R as a tractor a chipper would work on?
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    Why no Ecoboost in the F250?

    I saw some hot shot was using an F150 with Ecoboost. I thought I saw pictures of him hauling equipment. After that engine died at well over 200,000 miles of hauling use he put in another one. Maybe that guys was a used tools and equipment dealer, or maybe he was a welding and fabrication guy. I...