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    Windows 11

    I wish ...even the most mundane of individuals is still a potential customer (for someone) - which gives a whole lot of incentive to data conglomerator to listen and gather as much data as possible. Data which they then turn around and sell to whoever is willing to pay. I didn't realize just...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    Me too ...particularly comibined with a crabbed steering (which I'd expect many telehandlers to have). ....would be handy for mowing perpetually wet areas while keeping the telehandler on dry ground. There's a high probability if/when I get a second machine it'll be a compact telehandler...
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    Kubota Grand L FEL Joystick

    Interesting. I usually find that working at lower RPMs the entire system is less responsive - especially to small control inputs. Where at higher RPMs I can make smaller, slower, smoother control inputs and get an appropriate response (still not as nice of controls as I've experienced with...
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    Kubota Grand L FEL Joystick

    Stupid question: where are the engine RPMs when you're having this problem? Reason I ask is the only time I really have issues with lack of response is when I'm operating at lower engine RPMs. Granted with the relatively low flow hydraulic system even operating at full throttle there isn't the...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    ...a very good reason to consider the tasks that need to be done, and the implements needed to perform them prior to looking at the powering machine (be it a tractor, Toolcat, telehandler, skid steer or anything else) in my opinion..... Even if farming (or large scale gardening) is a potential...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    Now that I've finished my mini-rant - I'll step off my soap box and add (on a different note) buying implements designed for use with both cat 1 & 2 linkages may help offset some of the costs of buying a somewhat "smaller" tractor as a potential starter. A large/heavy frame tractor (even one...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    ....and like clothes "too big" vs "too small" is very dependent on the person/situation. On that note personal safety and discipline are also very dependent on the person. I've met more than a few children that are more responsible than many adults I've met (which isn't saying much in some...
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    Generally February through November in northern Alabama with the first and last month (to two months) generally slowing to every other week or once a month. The rest of the mowing season is once or twice a week just to keep things in check. August may also slow down some depending on the year...
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    Bolt Size Help

    Just to (hopefully) end (or at least better inform) the side discussion on JIS vs JIC I'm going to put a few links into a single post that may help define the differences: JIS hydraulic fittings: JIC...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    I'd suggest going through and figuring out what tasks you want/need to routinely do and how long you can/want to spend doing them. Then go through and identify any hard limits (like height, and overall width, loader lifting capacity, lift height and reach)...and then go about finding a tractor...
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    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    ...and add in how many also don't know a thing about the trades so pass on referrals based upon feelings rather than knowledge of the quality of work..... (or lack thereof) :rolleyes:
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    We've had enough of television programming.

    Been at my current home for 14.5 years now and I've never had cable or satellite TV here. The only thing I've ever gotten was cable internet, which permitted streaming video and a VOIP phone line. Had both streaming and DVD Netflix for a while, dropped the streaming side a few years ago -- but...
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    Bolt Size Help

    It's situations like this that drove me to get the full set of these: Perhaps not as cheap as buying individual fasteners, but a lot more...
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    Diesel Additive - which one, and how much?

    I agree with the first part of that, but I wouldn't count on the distributors/refiners adding anything to for long term storage of diesel. Don't see they'd have much incentive to do that between the cost and so many just refilling the vehicle(s) using the fuel. 🤷‍♂️
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    Grapple style preference

    Depending on the soil a narrow and toothed bucket may be required for effective digging. Agree on the utility of the Danuser Intimidator if the loader lift capacity supports using it as it weighs ~700lbs by itself. Though it can put some pretty significant side loads on a tractor's loader...