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    Horsefly target not working?

    Hi, I built the horse fly target..It is supposed to fool the fly..he flys into the black center as a escape and hits the metal backing, knocking himself silly and falling into water and croaking, or dying?? I must have one of the borders wrong as it is over 2 feet across..I am not able to post a...
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    FMI-How many hours or miles on Mobil 1 Syn.

    Guys how far do you run your syn oil? Some of the answers I get here at work are amusing? Post it for us..and if it is another brand..these oil questions just must continue? JY.
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    Origin of green flys in house?

    last night we came in later than usual, the AC was off..Much to our surprise we had over 25-30 green and black Flies all over the ceiling of the hallway?? It took over 30 min with swats to get all but a couple of them..Any good Ideas on why they are there? I guess they hatched from something? we...
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    Heating with Pellet Stove???Wth?

    I looked at another house last weekend. It had a Pellet stove for heating? What does it burn, I mean beside the obvious?What can you tell me about yours? Do they have cats on the exhaust? Heat output?
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    Mega-Million Fever..??Hit anyone else?

    Okay,the total is going for the sky..I am buying some tickets..I desire to Suffer from being rich..Will post if i make it..People are really going for the mint..Know any LUCKY numbers..?? JY.
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    restoring depleted 12 volt battery

    hi, My son had a little bad luck with his tractor. It is a 250 belurus, and someone left the switch on..It depleted his 12 volt battery for about a month???. Now his 10 amp 12 volt charger has not brought it back up, in two days??. Someone here had posted about flashing a battery, by reverse...
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    Where is the new Lubricity study results?

    Okay, just pulled out my Lubricity additives study, then looked around on diesel sites????Is there a Newer Lubricity additives study results than 2007??August 2007 is all I can find..Anyone else Found a newer one?
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    Oil & Fuel Micron value of OEM fuel filters on Kubota

    guys, Anyone looked up the micron value of the filters for kubota tractors? I would like to see it? I am changing my tractor over to a racor 30 micron water sep unit. It will be primary, and the new OEM filter will be protected. My tractor is 3 cyl and 32 hp, but I have forgotten the number on...
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    Watching Moonshiner's show?

    How many are taking this one in? It is already wearing on me? $40.00 a gallon for shine? Wow....Sugar at $30.00 for 50 lbs. must be a back door special??:laughing:
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    New ICF for a Home?Or Add a storm cellar?

    :licking:Well, we might be relocating to Arkansas in the future. I am considering the Integrated Concrete Forms housing units. I want a storm resisitant home or it will have an attached storm cellar? I need to find out the concrete prices for Outside Little Rock area, specifically Beebe, Ark...
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    Goatdays&west tenn. tractor pull at Millington, tn

    Okay,Goat days, it will be Sept. 10&11 at millington ,tn. out on the Olympic ball field area. Usually some home boys racing their tractors with sleds. I hope the racing lawn mowers show up. This event has Mostly Stock or Looking stock tractors. I don't know if they will be "shooting the anvils"...
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    Help--Hardshelled pumpkin bugs

    okay, They are back again. Grey armored beatles, are all over the vines in my garden? I am using Sevin spray. Lines or clutches of eggs on both sides of leaves. Usually they kill the vines before the fruit can get large?:mad:
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    need self-contained hyd top-link ideas

    Well, i jumped off the Bota again to line up the pins. I am ready to investigate the one- piece self-contained Would someone tell me about theirs or where is the best place to look?. I believe this would help improve my tractor use. I read back thru the hyd. forum without finding...
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    show me your flip pto cover

    I need to make a pto cover for my Kubota L3000 dt...It was missing, by previous owner..I read the suggestion to make it a flip-up for easier engagement of pto shafts. I am drawing a blank on a nice design to fit the bill? I do have access to metal working and welding?
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    Complain to gov. Stop Ethanol-15 fuel dump

    Where can you find a good open ear in Government of the Usa for the complaint of Forcing people to buy the E-15 fuel? I am wired on this mess as it cost more to make it ,than it sells for and cuts fuel mileage to boot. I am not going to roll over and enjoy this joke of an energy gimmick. Ahla...