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    I haven't made anything in awhile and the itch was returning, so I just had to scratch. Hmmm, what to make? I look around at all the scrap junk, ummm , I mean treasures that have seemed to multiply over time. So, I sit down in the shop and pop open a beer, I do my best thinking while relaxing...
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    husqvarna yth 180 not charging

    Use a meter to check for voltage from the generator where the two wires attach to the regulator, you should see greater than 24v ac, not sure exactly what the number should be. If you show good ac voltage there, then check the output wire of the regulator for dc voltage, if you have nothing...
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    Access to top of piston

    If you remove the injector on a 2 cylinder diesel, should you be able to look at the top of the piston with a bore scope? Or does the injector not go right into the cylinder.
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    At what pressure to replace mig gas bottle

    I am just about thru the first bottle on my HH 190. This is the first time using gas, and was wondering at what pressure i should switch it out.
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    Total welding newie here

    I thought I would post some things I welded with my 110v welder before I upgraded, but please note that I don't ever use the 110 now that I have a 220 welder. I haven't posted in awhile so im not sure the order of the pics, but............... Frame for a building Pipe rack and side gates for...
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    Need some info

    My neighbor said he had a chance to buy a 220v single phase miller mig welder for 400 bucks, so i told him it sounded like one heck of a deal. What he actually got was a dialarc 250 ac/dc with a seperate spool gun attachment. He only has a 60 amp circuit to his shop. Can he hook this up and...
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    Parts availability for a TS1910 4WD

    I found one locally for sale for 2700.00. I was thinking about getting it, but wanted to get a better understanding of what is NLA for this tractor and what parts can still be found. Any thoughts or opinions on this tractor would allso be appreciated. Thanks, Ken
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    Not sure if i should bite or swim away

    Found this ad for a small tractor at a very tempting price. It reads......... "1976 ford 1600 2 cylinder diesel 20 hp, runs but knocks." Other than a rod, what would cause knocking sounds? Does anyone know what the availability of parts is for this tractor, and what kind of price range they...
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    Ford tractors

    I was looking online at a ford 1220 and came here to see if i could find any info on it and realized there is no ford forum. I went to tractordata and it says it was manufactured by sabura(spelling). Are parts readily available for this or is it a grey market tractor?