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    L01 Emissions?

    We do not Hydo Treat or run Kerosene through the HDS unit to remove the majority of Sulphur from Jet fuel. It would not work but I cannot imagine the FAA would take a risk of adding a EGR, DPF or SCR on a commercial or any Jet engine for that matter. I was shocked to see all tractors over 26HP...
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    B2601, LX2610SU, or ?

    Sold my BX2660 with 60"mmm and FEL for $12,500 and paid $20,900 for a B2601 with 60" mmm and FEL also picked up a 4' box blade for 700 dollars. I was shocked at implement prices and will definitely keep my gate and barn locked up with all of the Grand L items.
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    Purchased a B2601 today

    Forgot to mention. Jeepers tractor prices have jumped since 2009 when I bought my 4740. Also noticed all tractors over 26 HP have the emissions crud now!
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    Purchased a B2601 today

    Sold our BX2660 that my wife used to cut grass and went with a B2601 with a 60" mmm, FEL and 4' box blade. I wanted to work under the tree limbs and tight quarters that my Grand L could not fit under or around. I no longer own a truck or trailer so waiting patiently for the new tractors arrival...
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    Mid mount lift on BX23 issue.

    Our 60” mmm was not coming up correctly. Removed mower deck and found shaft sleeve not lubricated. On my ZD331 ZTR the shaft coming down to mower deck has a grease fitting. Not so on the mmm of a BX2660 series.