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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I have a farm & use tools hard . I was buying tools from Harbor Freight when they were only mail order. the quality of wrenches has improved a lot. I used to buy them to put a set in every tractor. I'd rather loose a cheap wrench than an expensive one. I've bought quite a few of the 4-1/2'...
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    salvage tractors

    looking for salvage or broken tractors
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    Clutch Satoh-Beaver S370D défectueuse…

    I can supply you parts from the USA. Email me at parts at Je peux vous fournir des pièces depuis les USA. Envoyez-moi un e-mail à parts at
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    SD2243D Tractor - front loader hydraulic cylinders

    Most Japanese tractors were used mainly for rototilling on small plots. Tractors with loaders usually were on livestock farms.
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    Need help identifing Mitsubishi tractor

    the Suzue M2001 has the K3D engine. What is the pto shaft like?
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    Satoh Buck Diff Lock

    There is an internal spring. If it hasn't been used for a while, spray a nut loosener on the shaft where it enters the housing. Probably rusted.
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    Shibaura SP1740 Front differential parts

    I may have carrier and can supply associated bearings. no to front ring, pinion,
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    Shibaura SP1740 to Ford 110 tractor crossover?

    I'm a Sparex dealer . They don't have ring/pinions. The part is discontinued. About the only option is to have one made. Very expensive.
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    SD2243D Tractor - front loader hydraulic cylinders

    Most Japanese tractors did not come with loaders. It could be a Japanese, Vietnamese or a US loader.
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    satoh 650G- head light switch

    If you can't ge tit loose saw the nut
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    Need Front Ring and Pinion Iseki TS2810

    It is discontinued. Can't find any used. I've priced having them made. Very expensive
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    Iseki landhope 150 (TU150F) Maintenance manual

    I have a TU operator's manual availabial
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    Iseki TS2202

    I can supply you a parts book & closest service & owners manual. Also parts. Email me at parts at for manuals
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    YM1401D service manual, not a YM169D service manual

    I imported tractors & parts from Japan. I was never able to get a service manual from Japan.I recommended people to get the parts book so you have the breakdown & part #s for their manual. Them get the closest US service manual which is the YM169. I usually look at the parts book before the...
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    Kubota RX-301

    I don't read Japanese. From the parts book it looks like what I think is the 2 speed is electrically activated. I have an RX302 which looks like the same setup as the RX301. Email me at parts at for manuals