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    Chainlink fence drag to smooth dirt

    I have graded a few areas to smooth out high places, and create more gentle slopes, etc so I can mow easier in the Spring, and so it will be as level as possible - the area is now a gently sloping -rolling landscape. What I am now contemplating is attaching a length of chain link fence to...
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    very tight throttle - adjustable ?

    I have a 3410 HST. The throttle is very, very difficult to move from idle to 2000 rpm, and to go to 540 PTO takes both hands with bracing my body firmly with my feet - and then is still very difficult to manage - barely possible actually- and I am a fairly strong guy. Down line the linkage is...
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    Things you will probably only do once

    In the category of things you hopefully will only do once --- After digging - over the past month - about 20 some post holes, today I dug a few more - but this time because of pure lack of attention, after digging a hole, and while trying to maneuver out of a tight area, I pulled the tractor...
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    Washing a tractor

    I know this may sound a bit dumb, but I have a reason for asking - what care do you need to take when hosing down your tractor - or pressure washing it ? I ask because I once caused major damage to my diesel pickup when I was cleaning and de-gunking the engine - I was told that I should never...
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    Hydraulics hose popped off - bleeding question

    The fanasty of tractor ownership meeting the realities: One of the hydraulic hoses came out of a connector. I unhooked the hose and will take the fittings and the hose in to town tomorrow to have it reconnected as I do not yet have tools to do this here, or the experience to know just what to...
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    Auger sizes - best all around use

    I ordered a 9" and a 12" auger for my PHD - I have the 9" and the 12" is on back order. However, after using the 9" today, I am thinking I don't need a 12" but perhaps a 6" would be better - for round posts, metal pipe posts, . . . I originally ordered the 12" for RR ties, but afer digging a...
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    Mower shear bolts breaking

    Well, I am finally able to get to use my tractor and implements after being out of town for a couple of days. I have used the FEL and box blade and post hole digger and all work well. But I have had a problem with my 72" rear rotary mower (72" Gearmore w/KK labels as well). I read manual...
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    Magnetic drink holder

    I was looking to fashion a cup holder of some kind on my tractor, and was looking for something magnetic when I came across site web page They offer 22 and 32 oz sizes of insulated beverage containers with straw or pop up options which have a magnetic base so you can place it on...
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    Removing RR tie fence posts

    I have been removing RR tie fence posts which have been in the ground for probably 20 + years - I use FEL and a chain wrapped around base of RR tie. Some come out -some don't. They are all in at least 3 feet. I have three chain hooks on the bucket - I am using the two on the ends. I loosen...
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    Tractor here. Dang are you guys smart

    Kubota 3410 HST arrived about 4 PM. After unloading everything, taking care of paperwork and orientation all wrapped up I only had about one hour in the seat, but amazing amount of work done already. You all were right about TnT. It is, to me at least, essential - I used it extensively in...
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    Video or entrepreneurial opportunity?

    Is there a video out there somewhere which demonstrates proper hook-ups and use of and safety issues with tractors and implements and common tasks ? Perhaps put out by farm bureaus or govt. ? If not, maybe there is an entrepreneurial opportunity for someone out there - it seems a number of...
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    Locating Kubotas in Calif

    Now that I have found my tractor - to be delivered next week - after a long and careful search - I know just how difficult it can be to find certain Kubotas in central Calif. If anyone out here in central Calif is looking to buy or might be interested in buying a new B7800, a B2910 with about...
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    Pulled trigger, hope I didn't shoot myself

    Pulled trigger, hope I didn\'t shoot myself Just ordered Kubota 3410 (with 16 hours), R4s filled, Woods 1016 FEL, bucket with chain hooks, reinforcement bar, tooth bar, and pallet forks and QA, foldable - removable canopy, TnT, arm rests, 72" rear rotary mower, post hole digger with 9" and 12"...
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    Gearmore brand attachments info

    I did a search in TNB for comments on this brand but found little. I understand it is primarily a west coast brand. It is the brand one dealer I am talking to listed in the package quote with a tractor I am considering. Does anyone have any experience with this brand that might be helpful. I...
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    FEL digging depth specs

    In comparing specs for different FELs, I see a "digging depth" spec. What is that exactly and how significant are differences, e.g., one states d-depth is 3", another states theirs is 4.9", "when bucket is level" ? Apples and Apples or something else involved regarding the 4.9" qualifier ?