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    How Hard Can a Tractor Pull?

    This started out as a small "corner" of rock sticking out of the ground. Dig before you try yanking it out. (Btw, It's still in the ground)
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    Grapple Recommendations

    Http:\ Check out this product line. Very well made and considerably less expensive. I looked at all the "popular" brands before getting one of these. VERY happy with it.
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    Mixing used oil with diesel in the tractor.

    I have a 50 gal barrel with an electric fuel transfer pump that uses one of these. I'm tempted to try mixing a gallon or two of engine/hydraulic oil in my tank. Waddaya think?
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    No Rotella T6

    as of today Amazon doesn't have it.
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    hydraulic steering

    Since there is no standard hardware connection between the front wheels and the steering shaft, only a couple of hydraulic cylinders, if one is unable to start the engine and needed to pull it somewhere, how would you steer it?
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    Tires tire pressure

    Can anyone tell me what pressure the loaded rears on my 3016/1526 should be? R4's they are. Tks.
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    Runaway diesels

    I've been looking at videos of runaway diesels and noted that I have no fuel shutoff on my 3016. I've been looking at electrically operated valves that would simply require a flip of a switch to stop the fuel coming from the tank. But then I thought, I can't see how this thing could runaway...
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    I found the limits of my loader

    This is going to be a weird post, but I discovered another use for a fel, besides just moving dirt and rocks. My brother lives next door thru a bunch of woods so we help each other out a lot. He's been restoring a 68 Nova for several years and has a real nice solid car in his barn which has...
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    Comparison 1526 vs 3016

    Yesterday I got a chance to really look closely at the 1526 with bh. It really is the 3016 in every way, except for the tuned down engine. The loader and the bh are the exceptions. The fel has the joystick mounted on the rear fel mount. And the hoses are wrapped and fed down inside the loader...
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    KMW loaders/Backhoes

    While doing some machine work at my nearby Sportsmens club, I ran into a member who recently bought a new 1526. He now has about 50 hours on it and likes it but............. He has had problems with the hydro cylinders. An fel lift cylinder leaked past the seals, and both bh stabilizer...
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    Tractor Music

    I don't know if this has been posted before but I found it cool!
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    Saw a guy with a Mahindra cap.............

    ....during a trip to NH yesterday. I struck up a conversation with him. He said he has a large full time farm and had a JD for years, but needed something with more power. He got a 'big' Mahindra and when he got it home, he decided he could have saved some money by getting one a bit smaller...
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    Problem solving with a backhoe

    Over the years I've found a backhoe can be much more useful for things other than just digging holes. I have been doing some renovations for a while and needed a rolloff for the stuff that needed to go away during the reno. The company I rented the rolloff from says I can't put 'appliances' in...
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    Removing Stickers

    How do you guys remove stickers from vehicles? My dealer put several on various parts of my tractor and honestly, I want to remove some of the seemingly dozens of safety stickers that are plastered all over it. No lectures on the safety stickers please, I already know the dangers of all the...
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    Why do most tractors with FEL's.........................

    have the lift cylinders mounted so the rod is fixed to the frame and the cylinder goes up to lift the arm instead of being turned around so the cylinder is fixed to the frame and the rod pushes up the arm? This means the hoses have to move to follow the cylinder as it moves up and the system...