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    New LX3310

    What did they use for the heated mirrors Gallows? Are they the ones for the Grand L6060 Nordik Edition?
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    Kubota Restores Their Classics

    Yes, I'd love to see the rest of them and more pics. I don't know a lot about the old Kubota's other than reading an article on their history. I think some of the early tractors had really nice styling. Right now my orange antique play toy is an Allis but I'd sure like to have an old Kubota. It...
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    Kubota Restores Their Classics

    Just wanted to share this. I thought it was pretty cool...
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    Favorite Subcompact Color? 😁

    Which is why they are perfect for many people that live in the cities or have small yards. They can mow and garden like a lawn tractor but also do many jobs a lawn tractor can't. Not everyone needs to impress their neighbors by mowing a 1 acre lawn with a 60 horse tractor.
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    Favorite Subcompact Color? 😁

    I'm sure millions of people can answer that for you. LOL
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    used market pricing come back to earth

    I know, but new/used pretty much all the same at this point. Up here interest rates have tripled and everyone is still buying at top dollar. It's crazy.
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    used market pricing come back to earth

    Well I haven't seen this yet around here. Prices of everything are still ridiculous. An RTV-X1100C has gone up 3 grand since I bought my 2021. A Grand L3560 with only a loader and rear snowblower has gone from 50 grand pre-covid to 86 grand here now. I looked at a used Grand L6060 the other...
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    RTV X900 Plow

    I put a Boss V-XT on my RTV-X1100C. It was cheaper than even the Kubota straight blade. And the K-Connect and snow blower was way out of the question here in Canada at a price of over 20 grand. The Boss works well, has LOTS of lift height and the mount does not affect ground clearance for...
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    Roy Jackson has died.

    My condolences to Roy's family. He was a well respected contributor to this forum as others have said.
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    Owner Dissatisfied With Deere Wants To Switch To Kubota

    You know what they say Hay Dude.....opinions are like a-holes. Everyone has one. LOL
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    Kubota Revamps LX Product Line Again

    Quote: "However, the LX series didn't make a big splash with buyers and after only two years in production Kubota has done a major overhaul to appeal to buyers." " it's just big enough to be irrelevant." They sure a WHOLE LOT of these irrelevant tractors, LOL Both the B50 series and the LX.
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    From mow to snow.

    That's a nice setup. Some day I should by a spreader. We usually have very cold dry winters, but last two years we have gotten lots of wet snow and freezing rain and I ended up having to "sand" (only had 7/8's crushed gravel here) by sprinkling with the loader bucket.
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    From mow to snow.

    I just went from hoe to snow, LOL Took the backhoe off and did the service, put my winter rims and tires on, but didn't hitch the snow blower yet. Might use the box blade until I get a base froze in. Now just have to get RTV ready on my next days off. Hopefully by us doing this it will not...
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    Looking for my grandfather's 1954 Allis Chalmers CA (Maine)

    Guess it's not mine. Mine is a 55 wide front. Good luck, hope you can find it. That would be cool.
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    Why Suzuki is better than Kubota

    I just went and got filters for all my Kubota's last week. I keep a stock at home so I'm never caught without. I asked my dealer if they have had any problems getting parts and they said no, not at all. Only shortages of tractors and implements. But I guess that's what happens when you are the...