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    Cub Cadet 7235 Rear Hydraulics

    Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
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    Cub Cadet 7235 Rear Hydraulics

    Looking to add rear hydraulic lines to my Cub Cadet 7235 for a backhoe but can't find any info. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks
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    cub cadet 7235 starting problem

    While snowblowing my cub cadet 7235 suddenly started racing as if the the throttle was stuck then immediately stopped running. Since it has been frigid temps, I've changed the filter, bled the fuel lines, checked the fuel pump but the motor turns over but will not start. Has anyone had a similar...
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    JD Mx5 gear box

    The shaft coming out of the bottom of the gear box broke on my mower. Does the whole gear box need to be replaced? If so does it have to be an OEM or are their others that fit? Thanks
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    Ford 2120

    I have a blown transmission and cracked casing in my Ford 2120. Has anyone tackled this job on their own before or am I better to send it out? Any suggestions on getting used parts?
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    Cub Cadet Hour Meter Repair

    The hour meter on my 7235 isn't working but the tach is. The cable is for both. Any suggestions?