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    A warning about LG Appliances in regards to warranty service

    Sounds like it will be OUT of warranty by the time it is finally authorized.
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    Grooving Industrial Tires

    Is that the same as siping?
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    Just like Granny Clampett [emoji13]
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    Faulty Spray cans increasing ?

    I have 3 spray cans of various types of oil, one of them wd 40. it is firstly a waste of money but also frustrating to have to go out and get another can for whatever I am doing when feel most of a can full. I am fairly rural (admittedly less all the time) and it is not 2 minutes away.
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    Cost of pallet forks

    Agree SSQA is the only way to go. If you are not set up for that with your bucket already I suggest you consider making the change. It is the first thing I did when I got my NH. I had the NH dealer in Winchester do it and at first I said damn that's a lot of money but I bit the bullet and in...
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    Generac generator 7800

    Minor correction GP7500 T6 rotella synthetic not T5 (getting old memory not what it used to be) Issue...Generac says synthetic 5-30 and T6 is 5-40. I have the T6 but I was afraid to use it because of the 40 instead of 30 and do not know if it makes a difference. If it does I will pick up mobile...
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    No Rotella T6

    Me too
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    Generac generator 7800

    Is rotella T5 good to use in this generator? Thanks
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    TC45d Fuel problem

    Thank you. That explains what I think happened then. When I fiddled with the safety connection it apparently was actually the issue.I appreciate the info.
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    TC45d Fuel problem

    FYI I just went out to the tractor and messed with a safety I have had issues with off and on for years (I didn't see any issue but I took the connections apart a couple times). Then I cranked the tractor over and it shortly started sputtering and took off. I note that the fuel bowl around the...
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    TC45d Fuel problem

    thank you i will try that and check the solenoid tomorrow weather permitting
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    TC45d Fuel problem

    thx would it have just failed while running? Looks like you live right across the river from me:)
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    TC45d Fuel problem

    TC45d was idling in my driveway for about a half hour today and sounded like fuel ran out. Fuel tank was all the way full for over a month. I think fuel is not getting through. Fuel filter shows less than half full of fuel. I disconnected fuel hose from (circled in red)filter and plenty of fuel...
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    bluetooth mp3 player

    I realize this is off topic but folks here have a vast knowledge of a lot of things. I am looking for a bluetooth mp3 player. I want good sound quality and ease of use with 32g+ memory with a long battery playback time, clear display. I DO NOT WANT -- fm radio video speaker no other stuff like...