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    bluetooth mp3 player

    I realize this is off topic but folks here have a vast knowledge of a lot of things. I am looking for a bluetooth mp3 player. I want good sound quality and ease of use with 32g+ memory with a long battery playback time, clear display. I DO NOT WANT -- fm radio video speaker no other stuff like...
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    bushog sharpening?

    I have a very heavy duty 5' bushog (brand unknown)that came with my tractor. My tractor is a 45 hp NH hydro. The bushog seems to work fine but it leaves a very ragged cut. Never had trouble knocking down bushes etc but the cut is pretty bad looking for just grass. I have thought about sharpening...
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    F150 thoughts

    I am thinking of getting raid of my old F250 4 dr and picking up a 150 4dr. I am looking at the either the 2.7 or 3.5 ecoboost because of the good things I have read here. I don't tow a lot but when I do my load is pretty heavy. Looks like the 3.5 has nore power but I am wondering if I will be...
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    Drone Experience

    Hey all. A slight departure from tractors. I have just picked up a drone and started learning about various aspects of the drone world. Any thoughts or information on them like-- Agricultural applications Photographic uses Rules and regulations Good/bad experiences
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    L shaped hitch pin

    Looking for a source for a L shaped hitch pin to hold a ripper in my landpride land plane any suggestion besides landpride dealer?
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    NH vs LS

    Does anyone have actual operating experience comparing an LS and a NH hydro in the 40-55 hp range in a 2014 or newer year? Lift capacity/problems/ease of use/ control locations/ traction. Has NH quality gone down? Has LS quality gone up? etc
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    Husqvarna ZT question

    I have a Husqvarna zero turn that is just a big box store quality. Not heavy duty. 54 in cut 24 hp. Question is will it put too much stress on the transaxle drive train if I pull around a 4 or 5 ft lawn aerator with cinder blocks on it to weight it down?
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    pto link

    PTO QUICK ATTACH anyone ever use this product? Easy PTO quick connect for tractor attachments - Tractor PTO Link good or bad? thanks
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    Woods BH 9000 for NH tc45?

    see a woods bh 9000 for sale and wonder Is it too much for my tractor? Should I stay away from a 3pt backhoe?
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    Screenshot Request from Service Manual - TC35D Wiring Diagram and Relay/Fuse layout

    if this comes through and you can pick out the pages you want i will try to send them
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    New Holland Instrument Panel

    this is from tc35/40/45
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    FMC sidewinder

    I found a picture of one stuckmotor put in a bunch of interesting info about them
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    FMC sidewinder

    Does anybody remember a bush hog called a sidewinder made by I believe FMC. If I remember correctly it had a tire in the pto linkage to the gearbox. In my area the power companies used to use them. I think the tire took the banging strain off the pto shaft to the tractor as you hit stuff. Does...
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    LS and others service??

    I see LS and many other tractors for sale these days at powers sports places that sell boats and four wheelers etc. Often these places don't look to have space to work on equipment and probably can't have mechanics trained in all these brands and types of equipment. How does service work in...