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    AM/FM Headphones

    Is there a current consensus on the go-to?
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    How does one use a PTO chipper with an electric PTO clutch?

    I've been around a ton of engine driven chippers, and the huge flywheel of a chipper means you really have to feather the clutch in. How do people do it with modern electric PTO clutches which don't allow a feathering? Or do the manufacturers install a mechanical clutch on the chipper itself...
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    Good tie-down locations in a new ck35

    "Truck towing trailer.--No vehicle registered as a truck shall be operated with a gross weight, exclusive of any trailer being towed, in excess of its registered gross weight as a truck." Exclusive of - definition of exclusive of by The Free Dictionary
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    Anybody able to contact Tractorforum?

    If you could, could you please tell them about the following new problems with their new layout/hosting: 1) Can't log in 2) Can't create a new user to bypass problem (1) 3) Can't use their CAPTCHA system 4) Can't retrieve a new password using eith Name or e-mail address. TBN is the best, but it...
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    What is this thing?

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    Sad story from Arlington WA.

    A nice couple with 20 acres near the Oso slide are missing and presumed murdered by their crazy neighbor and his brother. There are reports of the perps in Ellensburg, so everybody should be careful. Detectives: Couple who disappeared from Arlington home murdered; search underway for ‘armed and...
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    Really cool. I want one
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    Horrible accident with vintage dozer

    It appears that a newly purchased 1960's vintage International TD 6 started moving while the owner was working on it while standing on the tracks. He was killed, and then the dozer drove into a car containing the woman, where she was killed. From other boards, the hypothesis is that the...
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    Whats the difference between a Duetz air-cooled and oil-cooled engine?

    I don't get it. Both run the air thru a plenum and an air-oil heat exchanger, but some are pointedly referred to as air-cooled while others are decidedly oil-cooled. Power doesn't matter, both types are offered in excess of 100hp.
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    Cool unimogs

    Our mogs at work - Mercedes-Benz Forum
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    This looks cooler than it probably really is

    I think something would break ATV Equipment, Excavator ATV, Front loader for ATV, XKV-TOR, C-ROS
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    Gm 3500 towing

    Not a data tag but still data
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    Gm 3500 towing

    We had several trucks at work that were similar. We also had a Chev C-50 (or something like that ) which was GAWRF = 8,000 GAWRR = 21,000 GVWR = 25000 It rode like a tank
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    Attaching a beam to post question?

    I see these used also
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    Attaching a beam to post question?

    I want to build a house and use these as my corner columns. They don't rot and they are commonly used as fence posts, so they must be strong. Sounds good, rite?