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    Autumn olive and multiflora rose puller

    I have a similar Danuser Intimdator that it’s real good for weed trees and bushes. Grip low, lift and driving forward increases pulling power while being stable. Sure helps this old man keep up. With any grapple best to improve your grill guard to help prevent damage clearing brush.
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    Cart or wagon?

    Shown with B26. I find the little military trailer useful for the farm. Cost $500 Lunette hitch best for off-roading. Large wheels for easy rolling. Surge brakes plus individual manual brakes for each wheel. Real safety feature using trailer. Often disconnect to load with the tractor FEL...
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    tie rod ends modifications

    Doesn’t seem that long ago where a fellow had to replace his tie rod joints because of lack of lubrication. Detailing how he took new ($$$) ones and added zerk fittings. I couldn’t find the topic either. That’s what prompted me to inject my tie rod joints.
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    4 wheel drive all the time? or just when needed

    Owned and well used many of 2wd tractors before getting a 4wd Kubotas. Tire wear from spinning 2wd tractors has got to be considered. Safety on hillsides a definite plus for the 4x4 tractors. Mine stay in 4x4 unless on hard surfaces which is rare. Gravel, grass, pasture or woods are all loose...
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    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    Sorry, don’t know why the wrong picture was loaded twice.
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    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    If you’re in the hook/ loop business, add some for tractor tie down too. And backhoe.
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    tie rod ends modifications

    Drilling and tapping for a grease fitting is the proper way. The OEMs joints seemed to have very little grease if any grease. On mine I use a grease surgical needle to puncture the boots to add grease. The boots are heavy rubber and have shown no ill effects. Takes about two to three pumps to...
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    Woods Finish Mower Blades

    eBay and Amazon are sources for my Oregon gator blades that performs better than OEM on our 6’ woods RD7200.
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    back hoe side saddle?

    On my hillside farm always swinging the boom uphill for stability. Sometimes slightly drag an outrigger just in case. Had a few add-on ag tractor backhoes that were hard to reach the swing controls from the driver seat that were more hazardous and not well balanced. Sold those. Even full size...
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    Galvanized bolts? Need 36 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

    Use to buy hot dipped galvanized hardware at the local lumber supply. Last better than electro galvanized. Could also get quality pressure treated by salesmen that knew the different kinds. Lowes and home depot put them out of business by people not knowing the difference.
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    TC35D Platform

    Don’t know your skill level or time investment but improving the OEM design might work. Improving the caster wheels on the finish mower about paid for my Hypertherm. Also improved the design and function.
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    Land plane for driveway

    Main driveway is 1/2 mile, winding thru the woods with 300’ elevation change. Most slopes to the right going up, some to the left and a little crowned. 6’ EA land plane is about all the 60hp 4x4 tractor can pull at times. Land plane easily and quickly maintains a durable surface that resists...
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    anvil stand

    I have a couple solid receivers in the shop for various attachments. Ring rollers, benders, vises, crane, tooling that I don’t have to dedicate valuable floor space. Same attachments can be mounted outside on truck or tractor to swing long metal. Yes it goes thru.
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    anvil stand

    With any anvil work, heat is your friend.