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    Grapple decision help

    I might as well offer my suggestion since that's what you're looking for. I use a bucket style grapple with a single lid and it serves my needs because: 1. Now I have a smooth bucket 66". 2. I have a grapple for picking up brush or whatever. 3. I install my Ratchet Rake on the bucket for...
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    eBay/Craigslist Bought a Ford 3000 Diesel Today off Craigslist

    Yea I see what kind of socket you're talking about. Thinwall and the center can be removed easily and a lot less expensive than a reg socket. I'll sure check them out when buying. Thanks.
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    Titan Tree Puller

    I found a picture showing the steel plate I attached to the cylinder to help protect the fittings against limbs. So far it's protecting them. You can see in the picture I attached it using U bolts made from 1/2" all thread. I'm trying to think up another way to build another guard that...
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    First use of ratchet rake

    Once I rake up a big enough pile I grapple it up and go.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    This is the Ford 907 it has 1 "C" size belt. This is the Mott 72 I use mostly for finish cut. It has 1 "C" size belt and 96 stations = 192 blades. I haven't had time to look at the Bush Hog FH 174 haven't even taken the cover off but it does have the twin belts that are tied together as...
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    Grading BX25 Implements for cleaning up a couple of acres

    One more vote here for the Ratchet Rake it's a great tool for what you described. Then as mentioned by jeff9386 follow up with a landscape rake if needed. I've owned one for several years now and use it on my skid steer mostly but have used it on the FEL of my backhoe tractor.
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    Ratchet rake size question

    This is a 72" RR I have on a 66" grapple bucket. It's held up great with heavy use. You can see where the chains are right at the end of the bucket but works fine. The straps some use should work ok too. As far as it hanging out past the bucket I don't see how that's much different than...
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    Chainsaw Hydraulic Conversion

    Found some pictures just hope they turn out. Also about the arbor, if you have a buddy that does machine work it could be made fairly reasonable. That's probably what I'll have to do since I don't have the machinery for that.
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    First tractor

    I finally built my stabilizer hook up while not as custom looking as yours it works. It's built from 3/8" plate and maybe it'll be stiff enough not to bend we'll see. Thanks again for the idea.
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    Piranha Tooth bar

    I pondered between the Piranha and the Ratchet Rake before I purchased and ended up getting the Ratchet Rake. Not real sure why but happy with it. That's a good looking tool you have and I see some advantages over the Ratchet Rake if I put one on my grapple bucket. When you are clearing do...
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    Here's why you should subsoil, meaning "rip" compacted clay ground.

    Different parts of the country I'm sure call things different. Around here we would call that ripping or chisel plowing. I got this picture from the sleasynet but this is what we would call subsoiling. Around 20" deep with very little disturbance to the top of the soil hence the term...
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    First tractor

    You may already know about adjusting these nuts but I'll show the pictures in case somebody else wants to know how to keep down pressure from not becoming an issue. This is the nut and running it to the top will keep the lift arm from sliding up: This is the way I leave mine so as to let...
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    IH model 30 rear blade. Good? Bad? Specs?

    That back blade appears to be a Gill/Woods HBL-96 or at least its built the same. The blade looks and is shaped different than the Gill but it may have been replaced. Anyway I have a HBL-84 7 footer and it weights 560 lbs without any hydraulics. It is capable of 3 way adjustments but only...
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    Tree hugger at work

    I knew somebody around here had to save that picture. When I first saw the balloon moving I just thought the folks that lived there maybe marked it for someone to pick up then I got close enough to read it. The guy that sent me the picture I marked his name out.
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    Help with three point lime hopper

    This is a type of agitator that goes into some of the spinner spreaders. It's the one for my Cosmo P500. It's just as boomer 1025 said it might not work so good on ag lime. It does a lot of agitating I have to use a large piece of cardboard cut to fit my spreader to keep fertilizer and seeds...