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    FEL joystick problem

    My FEL controls on my Kubota M6040 aren’t going back to the neutral position. It’s the Kubota 1153 loader. I’ve taken the joystick part off and separated the bracket that mounts it. (Not pictured separated). I thought if I could pull the spherical pins and clean them, that would help the...
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    Kubota M7040 shuttle won't engage.

    Hey guys, I have a friend of mine that has a Kubota M7040 "synchro shuttle" if I'm saying that right. I know it's NOT the hydraulic shuttle as that's what I have. He was moving hay bales and when he reversed from a bale, it wouldn't move. He checked the high/low range lever already. Said that...
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    Let's see your Kubota

    Here's my M6040, truck a little overloaded as it is a Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Good thing for trailer brakes!
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    Oil & Fuel 50 hour service

    I just did the 50 hour service on my Kubota M6040 and also helped do a service on my step dads M7040. We finished mine up and got on his shortly after. We realized when we changed his that both hydraulic filters that came off of his had magnets around the inside of them so we put the same...
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    My Kubota 6040HD

    My 6040HD
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    Bush Hog #296

    I found a used 2006 6' Bush Hog #296 for $1000.00. Is that a good price? I'm not sure of it's condition but the guy lives only 10 miles away so i'm going to try to look at it within the next couple of days. He said it has a 120HP gearbox, no chain guards but the front goes low enough to keep...
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    Rotary Cutter Rhino 172

    Guys, I'm looking at a used 6' Rhino 172. It's fairly new and in great shape. Not sure if the guy will sell it but I want to make him an offer. Also, how Heavy Duty/ Durable is this model? What is a reasonable offer? Will be using it behind a Kubota M 6040. Thanks, Chris.
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    Row Hippers

    Guys, I am looking for some gangs for an old row hipper I just got. I think everything is worn out on this old thing except the square work bar. I have a Kubota M6040 and need something heavy duty. What are my options as far as rebuilding/ repairing it? It has 3 disks on each side. Thanks in...
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    Hey guys

    My name is Chris and I live in Louisiana. I am 28 yrs young. I live on 5 acres and love to garden. I recently purchased a Kubota M6040HD 4x4 with a FEL and love it. I know 5 acres is a little small for that size tractor but I also have a deer hunting lease to use it on. Just wanted to introduce...