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    How to make asphalt millings smooth and nice black colour?

    I recently installed some millings on the side of my drive way to park my camper on. I am wondering what the best way to make the surface smooth and add some black colour? Have heard a lot of different ways…. With mixed comments and reviewes
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    Front brake hanging up on rav 4?

    It very well could have, What would be bent that would be causing this? It seems consistent on each end of calliper?
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    Front brake hanging up on rav 4?

    Front brake is hanging up? I bought a used rav 4 and the guy said there was a front end noise so I took the wheels off and found the passenger side brake looked to be hanging up and it looked like the calliper piston was seized so I installed a new complete calliper and brake pads and the noise...
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    Kohler 700 Series Dies when it is warm

    Hello I have 2016 Kohler 7000 series on a cub cadet zero turn with 110HR on it. It starts great and runs good when it is cold but after about 45 min of mowing it spits and sputters and will slowly catch itself then run good for a bit then eventually will die. It starts back up after but does the...
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    Lattice install under the deck?

    Hello I would like to install some lattice underneath my deck and I am wondering if you guys and gals have any pointers or ideas how to install it on this particular deck?
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    Trails west RPM enclosed trailer quality ?

    Hello Does anyone have experience with these trailers? Can’t find much on them? Found a used 24ft Vnose deck over for sale. Curious if they are any good. I have never owned a deck over before? Should I avoid them? Ground clearance looks like it would be a lot better. I’m looking at a 28ft model...
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    Shocking a dugout?

    Hello so I have a dig out on my land that I used as my borrow pit for clay when I was building my acreage. I would now like to be able to use it to swim and keep the water clean looking and free of tadpoles and other water bugs. My dog does swim in it often so I am not to sure what options are...
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    Do you spray new topsoil before planting grass?

    Hello so I recently killed my entire lawn and used a soil conditioner to smooth it all out. But I had to bring in a bunch of new top soil to make sure I had adequate depth of soil For my new lawn. So this top soil was 12 year old cow manure that looks and feels just like black dirt. So my...
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    Tiller Toro Dingo Harley rake vs full size skid steer Harley rake ?

    Here is some pics of the area I’m doing. It just rained also
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    Tiller Toro Dingo Harley rake vs full size skid steer Harley rake ?

    Hello so I am looking for some input and feed back. Here is my problem. So I own a cat 262c wheeled skid steer and would like to till up my old bumpy lawn and level is better and add some new grass seed. But the closet rental place i can find with a Harley rake for a full size skid steer is...
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    Gravel and grass border ideas ?

    Hello so I am just in the process of installing some grass on my acreage and I am wondering what would be the best thing to use a border ? I would like to be able to drive the lawn mower over it or have a entrance point some were as it does go onto the back lawn area. How well does that plastic...
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    Planting a new lawn... Help

    Hello. So I am near the point of finally getting a grass lawn planted on my acreage. Right now it is a rough field area with weeds and the natural grass that just grew up. Here is my plan please let me know if I am missing something. I am planning on renting a soil conditioner/Harley rake for my...
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    Ford 6.2 VS GM 6.0

    Well I found a smoking deal on a 2012 Denali 3500 6.0 today and bought it. It seems to go decent empty. Can’t wait to tow with it . I averaged 15.5 mpg on the way home all highway. Only thing that is annoying me is the steering wheel wood piece where your hands go? Any one else find this...
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    Ford 6.2 VS GM 6.0

    Hey so I was wondering if anyone has any real world towing experience with both these trucks? I can’t decide on the f-250 or gm 2500? From what I have read the ford seems to have more power? Any input would be awesome
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    Farm Fence/Woven Wire Fence Install

    Hello. So I have installed some woven fence in the past. But I have only used wooden posts in the past. I installed large metal posts as my end/brace posts. My question now is once you attach the fence to the starting post and hook up the fence stretcher and tighten it up how would a guy attach...