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    These are what the UPS counter guys put on my boxes of ammo along with a shipping label after weighing and declaring the charge. They have replaced the orange "ORM-D" stickerss of the past. ("other regulated matl's - domestic") Sorry for pic size, just how it happened.
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    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    1,000 k capacity (~1 ton), ~ $100. Mine works great, has nice feature set. Limited use only for things that can be slung or hung. :sneaky: 696087
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    UPS man told me otherwise just weeks ago over the counter and gave me a strip of b & w stickers to put on boxes myself next time I ship ammo and/or primers. (I'd lamented on my 2nd visit in weeks and the fella said ~9 of 10 shipments lately were ammo etc like mine, too) USPS won't ship ammo...
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    4520R exhaust adequate for pest erradication?

    Dry ice has been used by City of New York for rat reduction. Like exhaust or gas cartridges it works better in dense less porous soils. Place bits in several holes and monitor others with a shotgun in hand.
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    The first thing that you do when you pick up a gun is...

    If Baldwin was properly educated in safe gun handling he would/should have checked/cleared/verified what was in it. Being told it was 'cold' should have meant nothing to him and IMO he should have looked it over with full knowledge and due respect. As an anti-gunner would he not regard it as a...
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    Made my Axis trigger work better than the $100 Timneys in my .223 & .243 Sav 10s with MCarbo's deluxe trigger kit. It's $20 US and reduces pull to ~3-4 lbs. A friend liked it so well he had me do his Axis .350 Legend too. btw, I bought one Sav 10 with camo poly stock and put a camo Hogue on the...
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    Pocket Gopher Control

    Gas cartridges & vehicle exhaust don't do well in dry porous soils because of rapid dissipation. If soil is more dense, putting dry ice in entrances works for most all burrowing rodents. For nocturnally active pests place it during mornings and get 'em while they're sleeping. If pets won't nose...
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    '64 Catalina 4-door HT.
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    Assuming primers ought to be <$50/1000 and 100s can be nearly that much lately who'd PM another member and discuss trading vs $$ and dickering or gouging. (Just thinking what I might do ..) btw, I downsized my primer store a while ago and won't be one to seek or offer, but members may be able...
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    Identify 1 cyl garden tractor with sickle bar & reel mowers, chain drive

    I find the ACN engine to be 14.9 cu inches. (~250 cc). The distributor thingy is mounted where the magneto would be. It has a sister model the BKN with 7/8" vs 5/8" stroke at 17.8 cu in. Wisconsin hp ratings are 6 and 7 respectively at 3600 rpm per OEM instruction book and parts list. WISCONSIN...
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    Identify 1 cyl garden tractor with sickle bar & reel mowers, chain drive

    Found this Bready (561?) while searching. I suspect it's a lower hp model with Clinton power. Ours has separate starter and alternator while this one has an apparent combo. (like my EZ-GO w/Robin) Our gen is in same position but the Wisconsin has a geared starter to the flywheel sitting above...
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    Elevation = rough start up..?

    Bad injector as mentioned wouldn't surprise me. An uneven vs conical spray pattern might be less apparent at op temp than when starting. How's o'all power once it's warmed up?
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    Identify 1 cyl garden tractor with sickle bar & reel mowers, chain drive

    Just talked to owner. Sickle bar label says Bready and hood/grill shape/contour matches their line vs Speedex. Haven't seen either brand (+ Strongland) with the double sheave on the drive side of the engine. Chain guards are a quick identifier, and close on several sites but no cigar. The...
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    Opinion on previous owner's rationale for welding 3PH lever

    Could a guy just remove and reassemble the stop onto the other side of the stick? Add star-type lock-washers above and below the quadrant and reef 'er down. btw, if the hoe is never off and the lever wont be moved by new owner, after a few rains or washes the stop might rust in place. [BTDT]...
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    Ammoseek lists current availability and prices.