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    Without Tony's permission I would like to solicit some get well encouragement. Tony of "Tony's Green House thread" fame recently suffered and is recoverying from a heart attack. Tony authored a green house thread a few years ago that is one of the best . So if you could........
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    Rake Landscape Rake tines

    I could sure use some help locating replacement tines for a Howse LR72 landscape rake. Thanks in advance Al
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    Rake Howse Landscape Rake

    Stumbled across a 6 ft Howse landscape rake (new) for $365 guide wheels (2) for $175. Landpride and Woods are about twice this price, The Howse looks a little whimpy as compared to the the other two. One of the rakes in the yard had a bent side link, I think this was a result of reverse backing...
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    Harv's Holiday Classic

    Harv\'s Holiday Classic A TBN classic from the bad old days Harv's Classic
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    Harv's Holiday Greeting

    Harv\'s Holiday Greeting I dug this from the archives for those who may not have seen it. It's a TBN Christmas Classic, courtesy of Harv two years ago <A target="_blank"...
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    I just ran out of my life time supply of wood glue. I went to the hardware store and could not find the same stuff. I have been using a tan powder that mixes with water. It machines well, won't gumm up blades, takes stain and is quite water resistant. Very strong and cleans up with water. Has...
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    Dumber then Dirt

    Conspicuous be it's absense is any photo for this post. Try as I might I can't get the Nikon software to run on my laptop. It's a CoolPix 880 and the laptop runs 2000ME. Everything appears to install fine, but has "connection error, check camera settings and connection" when I try to download...
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    National I.D. Card

    This appeared on the Drudge Report I don't personally have a problem with this concept and was wondering how others felt. Al
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    Dump Trailer

    I have been "eyeing" on this trailer from Northern for quite a while. It's a pig in a poke for me. No place around here to take a look at it. Has anyone purchased one or have seen one? Is it built well...
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    Hydraulic Oil Temp.

    For no good reason other than I wanted too. I added a temperature indicator to the Hydraulic reservoir. I figured if I knew what normal was I might be able to figure out when things weren't normal. I used a digital probe that fits quite nicely in the hole for the dip stick. The probe comes with...
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    Komatsu 930E Select "truck" and click on 930 E2 "specs" I saw this truck on extreme machines last night. GM makes an even bigger one. Al
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    Option #7

    Every company should have an option #7 Pick up you day 1. Dial Deutsche Bank/National Discount Brokers at 1-800-888-3999. 2. Listen to all the options. It only takes a moment. 3. After hearing the 7th option, hit 7 and listen. Al
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    Three Point fatique

    My dealer sent a mechanic out last night to give my B21 a once over before the warranty expires next month. While he was here, I asked what kind of problems he has to deal with from abuse and misuse of tractors. The one that he mentioned, which I thought was most interesting, was three point...
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    Distilling Lavender

    My wife is a Lavender nut and has been after me to figure out how to distill Lavender. I found a Lavender distiller on the web that costs as much as a good three point attachment but not much else. I'm not even sure of the basic principles of the distillation process other than I think the oil...
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    Backhoe Skidding with a Backhoe

    I have some logs I need to skid out of the woods. I was thinking about using the hoe to reach around and grab em and then skid em out. Is this a bad idea? Am I going to pop seals or whatever by dragging logs with the hoe? Tractor is a B21. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Al