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    40x60 Farm Shop Build

    Finally got some pics! Overview of the shed as it sits: Back wall, all original tin and windows from the 1950's: West end, used a couple locust 5x5" posts I milled and some 2x6's for girts, swinging doors built with 2x6 and 2x4 lumber, all salvaged tin: Some of the basic electrical I have...
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    Getting a higher cutting height w/ JD 265?

    I have a 265 Deere garden tractor with the 46" deck. It has always cut shorter than I would like and with the dry weather we've been having it would be nice to cut a little higher. It seems like with the deck all the way up (in the transport lock even) it only cuts about 3" high. We used to have...
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    Switched from R4's to R1's on my B3200, review and pics

    After rereading this thread it occurred to me I never updated this on the snow performance. The performance in the snow is probably the biggest improvement of all. With the R4 tires anything more than about 6-8" of snow was very difficult to get through, especially on any kind of grade. The pics...
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    NH 451 Sickle Bar Mower

    The tractor is plenty large enough to use the mower, I've used one on my little B3200 before. The adapter is needed on small tractors because the lift arms/rockshaft is not wide enough to accommodate the yoke that the mower uses for a top link. It fits on utility size tractor (think 5000 series...
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    All hydraulic post driver

    After a couple years hiatus I'm finally getting back to finishing a post driver I've been working on. I'm a farmer and fencing contractor so I've run several different model drivers and tried to make something a little different that suits my needs. The design criteria was that it would be light...
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    Converting a double acting valve for use with single acting cylinder?

    Here is the plug that was in port "T": The lower portion blocks a hole into the other work port. Here is a pic of what it looks like inside port "T": That little hole goes into the port directly above it, we'll call that port A. I'm thinking I'll put a plug in port A, hook my cylinder to...
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    Converting a double acting valve for use with single acting cylinder?

    I'm working on building a post driver and I need a single acting hydraulic valve to raise and drop the weight. I bought a 'converta-valve' from Tractor Supply that I think will do what I need, but there are no instructions with it. The valve is a Chief Model 220940 single spool valve, says "3...
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    Tractor Sizing Difference between B3200 and L3200

    Here's the length comparison between the loader on the B3200 and L3200, as I suspected the loader on the L3200 sticks out a good bit further. All measurements are from the bucket pivot pin to the front axle center line. The distance from the bucket edge to the bucket pivot was 24" on both...
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    265 blowing main fuse when engaging PTO

    I have a JD 265 garden tractor that has started blowing the main fuse when you engage the PTO/mower deck. Trying to get things ready for next mowing season so I need to get to the bottom of this. I already replaced the switch and that didn't have any effect. Is the PTO clutch bad? How would one...
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    Dealing with sod clumps after grading?

    A problem I often run into is dealing with clumps of sod after excavating or grading a site. The problem comes after spreading the topsoil sod mix back out then trying to get a final grade and seed it. It usually goes like this (excavating for a building, road, pad, etc): 1. Peel off the...
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    Sickle mower needed ...Ford 515 or NH 451?

    The upright parts of the yoke might hit the lift rods on your 3pt hitch. I doubt it will be a problem, but the potential is there. As I mentioned, there is a bracket that moves the yoke back and will cure this. Once the mower is setup for your tractor it will be as easy to take on and off as on...
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    Build it yourself towable backhoe opinions

    I have a CAD digger 628 (the smallest one) that I built a few years ago. For my intended purposes it has worked very well. It is a bit slow, but it will dig through clay just fine as long as it's not terribly dry. It won't dig through shale and if the surface is very hard, like a compacted...
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    Logistics of firewood hauling and splitting?

    Thought I'd bring this thread back up since it seems to be of interest to a lot of folks. I've finally come up with a good way to get wood to the landing without making a mess of the trails and dirtying the wood. I had an old derelict portable chicken coop that someone had built on a wagon...
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    I was able to get to our North farm on Thursday, but it had drifted so bad over the night the roads were completely impassable Friday morning. Headed North the road was drifted in 4' deep for about a 1/2mi, and 3' deep headed south for 1/4mi. I tried in vain to get a running start in my 4runner...
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    BX2360 maxed out with 11" of snow in Central Virginia

    I was about maxed out on my B3200 today as well, we had 24" here in the mountains. That said, this little tractor amazes me how well it goes in the snow, switching from R4 to R1 tires made a huge difference in this deep stuff.