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    torque specs

    does any one know the engine torqe specs on a d2350 fd 4 cyl?
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    timing marks

    where can i find a diagram to align the timing gears and crank shaft on a d2350fd four cyl? thanks wes
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    timing marks

    how do i align the gears on a d2350 fd 4 cylinder. i dont have a book. thanks, wes
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    one wire alt.

    i cant remember how to wire a 3 wire gm into a 1 wire. im putting it on my ford 515. any help would be appreated, wes
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    ford tractor parts

    if anyone is looking for ford tractor parts. landig tractor in tampa has them. there number is 813-623-3673. i called them yesterday with a part number for my 515 and he knew exactly what i was talking about and it was delivered today. good luck, wes hardin
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    ford 515 brakes

    ok, you guys are very helpfull. glad i found this site. now then, on the rear end where the brake rods go in ,, how do i change the seal. it looks like a boot. or is there a seal behind the boot, thanks, wes
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    ford numbers

    7lo3b, c555771, is this my model numbers. i found them behind the starter. thanks
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    ford 515

    does any body have info on a ford 515 industrial tractor? i just got my brothers who passed away and cant find the id numbers on it to order parts