3 pt hitch

  1. T

    4110 turnbuckle (?) on 3 point hitch is too tight, can't move it at all.

    I own a 4110 compact. FYI I'm not a mechanic but I can get by with some simple fixes. For yrs it's been really easy attaching my bushhog or the yorkrake to the tractor until we had transmission issues last year and had my tractor guy rebuild the back end. For some odd reason it's almost...
  2. S

    3point not working

    So I recently bought an Iseki 2160, and today while doing some fertilize spreading the 3 point hitch stop working as it could only drop. After I detached the spreader and went in for a close look, I noticed it could slowly move up and down with high throttle but barely lift me (85kg 187lbs) the...
  3. saxon11

    New Tractor: Three Point Hitch Came Apart (see pictures)

    New tractor, with about 10 hours on it (not using the three point hitch). To my dismay when I walked up to it this morning, my 3-point hitch section must have rattled loose. Am I suppose to be checking and tightening this or some other issue?
  4. Green Acres Homestead

    Help me....3 point hitch won't raise up unless tractor is at 2200 rpm.

    My 3 point hitch is not working right. I have to reve the tractor up to about 2200 rpm to get the 3pt hitch to raise. There is only one pump and the rest of the tractor is working properly. The fluid is topped up and doesn't appear to be leaking. I think it might the seal in the hydro...