1. K

    How Do I Get IN Agco Parts Book For A White Field Boss 2-50?

    I am trying to find parts for a White Field Boss 2-50 tractor in the Agco site and I keep coming to a dead-end. What am I doing wrong?
  2. R

    Massey/Agco vs aftermarket replacement hydraulic hoses and replacement interval

    Seems I need to replace a hose on my GC1705's FEL (DL100)... part SL103366. The tractor/FEL is around 10 years old, and is stored outside. Should I be looking to replace all the hoses at this age, or should they generally run longer? Is there a standard replacement interval? Is there much of...
  3. Long Valley

    Hydraulic pump whine, massey/agco/iseki

    Hello all, I have an Agco ST41A, which is the same tractor as a Massey 1540, made in Japan by Iseki. The tractor developed hydraulic issues last fall and I'm trying to diagnose before spring. Symptoms were intermittent loss of Hydraulics and definitely whining and chattering noise from the...
  4. Dmacleo

    Agco Parts site down until at least monday for upgrades

    course I needed to look up part info, site says call dealer. dealers can't look up parts either. HP doing upgrades on site. we'll see how THAT works out...
  5. U

    Agco White 6124 PTO shaft

    I just bought a 1996 Agco White 6124. Was looking at the PTO setup and supposedly the way it works is if you want the 1000 rpm PTO you install the 21 spline shaft. If you want 540 rpm, you install the 6 spline shaft. Problem is, I can't find a 6 spline shaft with the machine. It's already got...