1. Hay Dude

    Double my cutting speed

    I think I’m going to buy a used Pottinger 352ED rear mower to go with my 351 Novacat front mower. I’m sick of how long mowing takes and would like to spend more time with family. Besides, I have to move and that’s going to take lots of time. Found this 352ED in PEI for ~$17K. looks to be in...
  2. dnw64

    B3030 engine cutting out for no apparent reason

    Last time I blew snow, twice, while backing up on level ground (PTO engaged, PTO RPM) the engine quit for maybe a half second then kept going. Today, blowing 20" of snow, the engine just plain quit. There were no warning symbols, wasn't close to Hot. Opened the hood, looked for something...
  3. Little Red Tractor

    Some basic torch advice

    After thinking it would be a good idea, I finally have put a set of torches together, buying pieces by way of FB Marketplace and Craigs List. Once I get them all assembled, I need to get back into the groove--it's been about 35 years since I've had my hands on a torch, let alone set the...