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Apr 8, 2012
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After thinking it would be a good idea, I finally have put a set of torches together, buying pieces by way of FB Marketplace and Craigs List. Once I get them all assembled, I need to get back into the groove--it's been about 35 years since I've had my hands on a torch, let alone set the regulators.
What's the general thought on pressures for cutting and for welding?
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I run 7-10 on acetylene and 55-60 on oxy. Ain’t got a clue on welding with torches. Never done that.
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On a welding forum, there is a LOT of talk that acetylene is not available right now,,
Blown up plants, tanks unavailable,, etc,,

You may need to learn propane-oxygen,,,,,,,,,, and braze the parts together.

At least propane is great for cutting,,

Let us know if you get some gas,,, (y),,,,,,,,,, No not from chili!! :eek:
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On a welding forum, there is a LOT of talk that acetylene is not available right now,,
Blown up plants, tanks unavailable,, etc,,
Thanks for that. In my collection, the two acetylene tanks both are supposed to be at least partially filled. With my current usage plan, and my current age, that could be a lifetime supply :). I hope I outast the gas...and the gas outlasts any shortage.
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I find this a really good reference for tip sizes and pressures combinations...

Victor guide.jpg

It can be found online or at most welding supplies...

And if availability of acetylene is a issue may be propane or propylene could be alternative....
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20-25# oxy unless cutting over 1/2. The idea is to burn it not bloiw it away. A good tip reduces oxy use as it doesnt have the turbulence of an old eroded one. 5 to 7# acety with number 1 or 2 Victor and even bit less with smaller ones but not as critical as it is adjusted with the knob.
channel cuts 2.JPG
channel cuts.JPG
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Never lay down acetylene tanks when using them. Try gas and O2 as low as you can and increase from there. I usually start with 3lbs gas 25lbs. O2 I also prefer smaller tips. Remember it's not a gas axe. If you see and orange/red flame at the tip... the set up is wrong.

Check valves (mentioned earlier by another poster) very important
Good tip cleaners
Soap stone
Pig skin gloves (tig gloves)
I prefer a tinted face shield (#4), welders hat and clear tight fitting fog proof glasses
Long pants over high top leather shoes when cutting. Learned this the hard way
Welders apron or sleeves, I prefer the apron

FR long sleeve ***** or HD cotton. Avoid exposed skin, believe me hot sparks and metal will find it.
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Sberry,in case you didn't already know,it really chaff's my hinny that I can't do that but you can. :cautious: